Community85 is focused on one specific, primary, technical goal: release servers that feature content that has never been seen, anywhere else. This is why we make our own maps, assist with and teach character modelling in Blender+PAC, and create jobs for developers to take in order to hit every single possible detail that an RP community needs to be able to update, keep fresh, and give major quality-of-experience adjustments to RP as we know, and love it. 

What makes you so special?

Our promise to you is that we're not going to look for an excuse to PK your character. We fully stand behind the idea that characters should be long-term, and there needs to be a balance between decisions, consequences, and reasonably long-term development - you can trust us not to attempt to absolutely murder the character that you care about.

Our community and playerbase is currently 300+ strong, and we know, and operate on the truthful fact that our players, our community, are all human beings, with feelings, and we treat them right, treat them well, and make decisions that put them first, at all times. Our promise to you? You won't find any toxic bullshit, here. We take care of our own, and we think that the RP scene needs a serious change.

At our community, we all generally understand the important of sticking together, being respectful, and helping one another out - we believe that the collective RP community at Garry's Mod can truly benefit from having a new sense of solidarity - and so we live what we believe in, and we know that it makes our community truly a home, for everyone. Come be one of us!




Better stories are told in safer communities.