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    Frosty's Character Application

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    Afrali | Teratania's Character App

    it's a little hard for us to process these kinds of static modifiers. a +25 roll bonus is something that is considered, due to the way stat numbers, levels, skills, and roll systems function, a pretty drastic if not endgame modifier level. You'll sort of understand how modifiers can be played...
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    Ivory Partnaite, The Entity

    accepted We don't use HP values, so however you wanna reasonably roleplay this in application is fine. I'll have to figure this out, I need to turn on flashlight for every char Sure thing. You can assign these at start, unless you want these applied on top of your starting stats. Which is...
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    Grargakk Muck

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    Hauclir Mistwalker

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    Reice Sylverwood

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    Wandering Drunkard Healer

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    Enchanting and -Fix System

    IMPORTANT! From here on out, (8/17/2021), all enchantments will only give a +0.5 stat point increase to the stat that matches the enchantment jewel that you've used for the enchantment. So, for example, if you're using an Enchantment Jewel of Magicka to enchant a necklace, each successful...
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    Valeforr the Black application

    Sure thing, I'll set you up <3
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    Brain Cyberization

    Total or partial brain cyberization is able to be done within CO2SM. A completed cyberbrain consists of four items, all of which are HardWare items that slot to the HardWare row of a Head Array WetWare item (Head slot). Individual pieces of the cyberbrain are more of than not, customized...
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    Universal Format

    Also, please consider adding your character to the player list wiki article: You can do so by pressing "edit" on the "player characters" heading, and adding yours by [[name]] to create a link.
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    Universal Format

    When you create a character, you have the ability to assign a maximum of 350 points at max into any single stat. When you create a character, you have the ability to assign a maximum of 400 points at max into any single skill. So, if you're applying for an authorization to be proficient in a...
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    Blacksmithing, Upgrading, Materials, and it's relation to Rarities

    In Tales of Onoth, nothing of any rarity that you find comes with stats, already attached to it - unless it's of course, unique in it's nature of it's drop, meaning that you've found it with a pre-determined prefix, suffix, enchant, or upgrade attached to it. This means that most of the time...
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    Feats System

    Tales of Onoth features a new mechanic that I've come up with, in order to be able to add event-based stat or skill progression to characters that are being active, and partaking. Simply put, there will be some instances where you are given the option to make a decision that entails you having...
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