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  1. BlackDenim

    Brain Cyberization

    Total or partial brain cyberization is able to be done within CO2SM. A completed cyberbrain consists of four items, all of which are HardWare items that slot to the HardWare row of a Head Array WetWare item (Head slot). Individual pieces of the cyberbrain are more of than not, customized...
  2. BlackDenim

    Blacksmithing, Upgrading, Materials, and it's relation to Rarities

    In Tales of Onoth, nothing of any rarity that you find comes with stats, already attached to it - unless it's of course, unique in it's nature of it's drop, meaning that you've found it with a pre-determined prefix, suffix, enchant, or upgrade attached to it. This means that most of the time...
  3. BlackDenim

    Feats System

    Tales of Onoth features a new mechanic that I've come up with, in order to be able to add event-based stat or skill progression to characters that are being active, and partaking. Simply put, there will be some instances where you are given the option to make a decision that entails you having...
  4. BlackDenim

    Feats System

    CO2SM features a new mechanic that I've come up with, in order to be able to add event-based stat or skill progression to characters that are being active, and partaking. Simply put, there will be some instances where you are given the option to make a decision that entails you having to...
  5. BlackDenim

    Enchanting and -Fix System

    Note: Some specific numerical values used in the Enchanting/-Fix system are subject to change, because we have yet to test balance. In Tales of Onoth, you are able to progressively upgrade the capabilities of your equipment and weapons. Because this is an RP server, and thus the quantification...
  6. BlackDenim

    Item Rarity

    Items, especially when it comes to equipment, comes in varying degrees of rarity. The base item has a rarity, and then you further enchant/customize the item to make it unique. These rarities are as follows: 1. Common 2. Uncommon 3. Rare 4. Legendary 5. Epic 6. Unheard-Of
  7. BlackDenim

    Equipment Slots

    Tales of Onoth uses Community85's new, proprietary EquipSlots plugin to handle the process of defining and using slots for your equipment. There are 11 equipment slots, defined in your inventory screen as a visual series of panels that you drag and drop the items onto. The slots are: 1. Helm...
  8. BlackDenim

    Potions and Scrolls, and temporary/permanent boosts of your stats and magicka skills

    Within "Tales of Onoth," is a full-fledged consumables system that focuses primarily on either temporary, or permanent boosts to your stats, and skills. For example, within our new visual drag-and-drop slot-based equipment system, you will actively be able to produce, or have produced, custom...
  9. BlackDenim

    Magicka Use and Skill Trees

    Within "Tales of Onoth," we're including a game-mechanic that allows you to pursue multiple paths of Magicka types. This will be manifested on your character menu as a series of four skill bars - of which there is a maximum of 50 points per bar. Each one of these bars comes with it, a skill...
  10. BlackDenim

    Your Stats/Attributes

    Within "Tales of Onoth," there are a multitude of Stats/Attributes. You should keep in mind that yes, assigning appropriate stat values does matter, and you will also have ample opportunity to both temporarily boost your stats through equipment, magic, and consumables, as well as permanently...
  11. BlackDenim

    ModMeds, Neural Drain, and Chromeage

    ModMeds are a generalized term assigned to a series of medications that are in a constant, high demand. They've become extremely commonplace in any Sprawl-enabled city, or country, and the producers of them, are completely contained within The Triumvirate, produced by a variety of corporations...
  12. BlackDenim

    New Discord Link - Because fuck paying $90 a damn month for a vanity URL, lol.
  13. BlackDenim

    BioWare, or manufactured biological limbs

    In Chromed Out 2, "BioWare" refers to the process of manufacturing, in some way, biologically-identified body parts. These are usually incredibly expensive, largely due to their ability to be custom-tailored to a client's specifications, and overall strength, agility, etc. BioWare limbs are...
  14. BlackDenim

    The Difference between Augmentations and Replacements

    In Chromed Out 2, what is known elsewhere as "Augs," is now known as "WetWare." The reason for this, is because WetWare comes in two different "types." Augmentations, and Replacements. This document outlines the difference. For the purpose of this table, "Biological" means an unmodified body...
  15. BlackDenim

    ChromeLore - The Lore Wiki

    Realizing how incredibly expansive the lore for Chromed Out has become over the last two iterations, I basically decided to keep both a lore forum, in three parts, for history/current affairs/technology, but then also keep a wiki, which is built around a central timeline...
  16. BlackDenim

    A place for you to post any glitch you find with the websites.

    What it says on the tin - if there's a glitch with any of the websites (, chromelore, co2sm, forums) post it in here
  17. BlackDenim

    Millen Cubes

    From: ==Summary== The Millen Cube is an example of a piece of technology within the world of [[Chromed Out]]. Essentially, it's design enables a user to use two pieces of expensive, specialized [[ChipWare]] to be able to completely...
  18. BlackDenim

    PAC Better Import Method + Texture Streaming (Longer, won't contribute to lag)

    PAC New Import Method Thank you to Spoder for teaching me this! Note: This method of importing models is a *better* way of importing and making PACs. The basic concept here is to only import untextured model files through a zip file into PAC, and then use 'material 3d' nested under the...
  19. BlackDenim

    Welcome to 'Chromed Out 2.'

    With an exceedingly unstable situation unfolding in Japan, drastic measures are in place – a thunder-dome of various entities, all vying for control of one of the last semi-safe cities in the nation. With rapid privatization of the state resulting in the sudden acquisition of the corporate...
  20. BlackDenim

    The Christian Republic of Brazil, 2087

    The Christian Republic of Brazil The Christian republic of Brazil is easily one of the stranger places on Earth, in the year 2087. Largely comprising of the boisterous leader and his clergymen, the entire bounds of the country hold an extremely simple premise - creation of the 5th largest...

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