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    Sharog, the orcess! | Here we go again...

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    Konrad Siedl

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    Kazar the Easterner

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    | Brand Character/Equipment Application |

    We're going to have to have you start with a common quality bow. Everything looks good ACCEPTED
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    | Brand Character/Equipment Application |

    Looks good, but I'm curious what's implied when you say "unremarkable greatbow." Is this in terms of size or the quality of the weapon?
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    Zero's Tierfolk Fiend

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    Selis Vermillion

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    Demonia Ravillac

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    Mystical Creatures

    Dragons Dragons are said to be the first creatures upon Onoth to manipulate magic, as well as being the ones who taught mortals this complex art. The first mortals to learn from the dragons were the ancient high elves, who became the first wizards and mages. Dragons are quite numerous and...
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    Mystical Creatures

    Werewolves Lycanthropy, the official name for the disease that creates werewolves, was created thousands of years ago by the witch known as Cerulia. She wished to create her own personal army of unstoppable beastmen, and in doing so created the first werewolves. Though they did not hold...
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    Mystical Creatures

    Mystical Creatures of Onoth Vampires No one knows precisely how Vampires first appeared, their tale is as old as time though some scholars suggest it was a curse put upon mortals by Nephilia. Nevertheless they stalk city streets at night and prey upon the unwary. Any mortal being is...
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    The Gods and their Champions

    Religions Most citizens of Onoth worship mainly the Champions of the Gods, with the Gods themselves (Arnous, Rodagott and Grettalia) tend to take a back seat in the pantheon, yet still highly respected. There are various orders across the land that follow the examples these Gods and Champions...
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    The races of Onoth

    Mountain Trolls A rather barbaric and undeveloped race, mountain trolls tend to stick to their camps and tribes high within the mountain ranges scattered across Onoth. They are extremely territorial, defending their mountains with incredible ferocity. Mountain Trolls are more intelligent than...
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    The Gods and their Champions

    Champions of the Gods Champions are chosen by the gods, imbued with incredible power to serve their will. They can either be created in the domain of the gods and sent to the mortal realm, or a god may also imbue a mortal to act on their behalf. Sometimes warriors, sometimes great...
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    The Gods and their Champions

    Gods and beginning of Onoth In the beginning there were only five entities that inhabited the universe. Arnous, Nephilia, Rodagott, Grettalia, and Vottus - shapeless beings which saw the blank void before them as a limitless canvas. Each one of these beings had the ultimate desire to...
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    The races of Onoth

    Humans The most versatile life form in the land. Humans have survived against all odds, in every corner of the world, because of their tenacity and ingenuity. Due to this, humans are the most common race to encounter with their various kingdoms spread far and wide. While not as gifted in...

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