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  1. SIN


    +Support Most people forget Grungs even exist, something to note your weapons are most likely not going to be poisoned 24/7, as poison will lose it's effect after a while unless reapplyed, other then that, I don't see why you can't play a Grung
  2. SIN

    Thorna Greenblood

    +Support Good Application, and I always liked the idea of a Doctor/Scientist trying to figure out what is wrong with them, and helping others in a effort to stop them from suffering the same fate.
  3. SIN

    Giang Nguyen

    Would you be okay with a 9mm Automatic Pistol?
  4. SIN

    Hood's "Nemo" AI Character Application

    Accepted: Nemo is a very low level AI as it is described, and lacks any real threat potential.
  5. SIN

    Kenneth Kabbici - Some random merc

    Can you provide evidence of your character having any of the items that have been outlined by you?
  6. SIN

    The Mimarians

    Steam Username: BluDevil SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26924978 Discord Tag: BluDevil Name of Character: Sigma-626 Name of Character Race: Mimarian Character Homeworld: N/A; Was born aboard a smuggling vessel know as "The Runner" Description of Race (If Custom): Androgynous Humanoid creatures with...
  7. SIN

    Nathan Mimus's Application for buissness related flags

    OOC Name: Tyler Discord Name: BluDevil#6626 Character Name: Nathan "D43m0n Mimus What flags are you requesting?: I am requesting the Q flag, the 8 flag and the Ss Flag Why are you requesting these flags?: Nathan is a Netrunner with a knack for chemistry. He likes to Tinker with augmentations...
  8. SIN

    SIN's Gang Application

    What is your Gang Leader’s SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:26924978 ( What is Gang Leader’s Steam Name?: BluDevil What is the (In game name) of the Leader of the Gang?: Issac "SIN" Mimus What type of Gang is The Boss running?: Syndicate What does the gang value the most?: The...
  9. SIN

    Gangs and Territory Application Format

    What is your Gang Leader’s SteamID?: ( What is Gang Leader’s Steam Name?: What is the (In game name) of the Leader of the Gang?: What type of Gang is The Boss running?: What does the gang value the most?: What day will The Boss of the Gang be available to meet and...
  10. SIN

    Gangs and Territory Guide

    Please Read the Guide:
  11. SIN

    Chromed Out: Are we satisfied with the map?

    Can we get a third option where you open up the map?
  12. SIN

    POLL: Server wipe time?

    Most of the items and unbalance belongs to VIPs, this will just screw over hard working players like me.
  13. SIN

    Nathan "D43m0n" Mimus Character Application

    OOC Name: BlueDevil SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26924978 Length of time that you've been RPing: 4~6 years (I never really kept track) Experience with different types of lore: CW:HL2 RP Shadowrun 4th and 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons 5e Starfinder Vampire: The Masquerade ARMA: Halo RP Cyberpunk...
  14. SIN

    SIN Event Cordinator Application

    OOC Name: BluDevil Discord Name: BluDevil SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26924978 Position Desirer (Event Coordinator / Admin): Event Coordinator Are you currently staffing any other projects? If yes, which one? (Note: This doesn't necessarily disqualify you.): No What can you bring to Chromed Out, if...

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