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    Kenneth Kabbici - Some random merc

    Bro why would you know shit about my char he got arrested like 1 time by Denim and all charges were immediately dropped. Either way idc, but my screenshots show everything I need to show.
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    Kenneth Kabbici - Some random merc

    Sure, I have screenshots. Some of this is slightly old- I believe the original reason I took the screenshots is because Denim was doing something with the schema and told us that to be safe we should take screenshots of our inventories. Few of the things I've asked for aren't here but keep in...
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    Kenneth Kabbici - Some random merc

    OOC Information Name: klyde SteamID: STEAM_0:1:121905064 Steam Profile Link: Discord Tag: klyde#7619 Is this character a transfer?: Not technically. If so, from which community?: It's from C85. If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had...
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    Chromed Out: Are we satisfied with the map?

    I hate this map.

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