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  1. Captain Snyder

    Kregor Sholb, The Merchant

    I really like the song used, and the character sheet is pretty awesome overall.
  2. Captain Snyder

    delete please

    delete please
  3. Captain Snyder

    Jaya Hamashi, the wandering Ronin.

    +support Seems like you know what you’re doing, and id love to see this kind of character played in a realistic manner
  4. Captain Snyder

    Character Sheet Format

    Feel free to use this however you like, or even customize it further to expand upon it. It's just a starting template to make it easier to make a character sheet.
  5. Captain Snyder


    +Support I think a humanoid frog would add to the lore of the fantasy server, after all we should have a diverse set of races. As for what you're asking for in terms of abilities & items, I don't think you're asking for that much, and you have a proper drawback to account for it anyhow.
  6. Captain Snyder

    Thorna Greenblood

    +Support Looks like a good application, and I would definitely enjoy seeing a plague doctor. I'm definitely curious as to whether or not you will be also taking a "Researcher" role with your character, I definitely believe that would add more to it but the choice is obviously yours. An undead...
  7. Captain Snyder


    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41076373 Discord Name: Captain Snyder#7026 Character Name: Ezri Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story): A small figure that has difficulties speaking, but has the abilities to communicate through changing the color of its skin. Ezri is the...

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