A Bouquet of Dead Roses, by BluDevil - Black Sun

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Slaves, they are what keep the world turning, and here is no exception.


The Black Sun are the buyers and sellers of Freedom, And I am it's manager, I over see our operations here on this planet and make a tidy sum doing it, selling Death Sticks and Spice to the Slaves to keep them too doped up to realize how bad life truly is, and the buyers a fresh supply of livestock, especially the Twi'lek, some of our hottest merchandise. The Imperials? They are some of my best clients, paying for protection and all the luxuries their officers can afford, along with all the weapons they could want, life is good here and because I am The King.

My bosses have agreed to allow me to run my crew under a different name, as to keep their reputation with the empire spotless. For the most part, my branch is called The Dead Roses, official we are backed by them unofficially we are part of them.

Surely if you can all afford such a large ship, then you can afford to pay a small sum of 20,000 credits a week for protection? Black Sun likes to get paid, and I am sure the Imperials would be happy to cough up a little credits for protection and all their problems to go away.

Smooth flying so as long as our dues are paid.
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Keep us running!

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