Adequiline O'Conner


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*The above image is Adequiline modelling an old brand leather/exotic skin cape*

Adequiline O'Conner is arguably one of the most well known name within any city she stays in, the renowned Ripper Doc, excellent hitman, and beloved personality amongst the bar scenes.

No one knows her origins, where she was born, or even why she's where she is at in life. All they know is she has a knowledge and love for anything Augmented, she loves metal, loves the texture, the smell, the possibilities of it.

At the time she is 21 years old, her hair a snow white with black streaks in it, a nose piercing, lip piercings, and ears full of piercings as well. She dresses like your old age emo-rockstar. Always wearing her thigh high boots, ripped jeans, one leather jacket, a pair of welding goggles rest on her forehead, and some wrist wraps.

She arrived into her city and began work immediately, hustled her money and gambled it just as fast as she made it, she grinded and grinded to get her small arms permit, and after that she got her bounty hunting permit immediately. She went after the lower tier bounties. Not long after she started her bounty hunting she began the career of augmenting, starting as an apprentice for a weird old man who attempted to change her looks for his pleasure. She worked there for about 5 paychecks, until her friend, Katiana Triskov stepped in with her Russian mob, they beat the old man and burnt down his augment shop, that left Adequiline jobless once more. Katiana took Addy into the mob and made sure she was set right. They gave her more guns, respect, but most importantly some of her best friends. She met an italian man named Kabby, a gun-nut named Ryan, and then some other people she cant quite name. Addy went back on the search for an apprenticeship of Augmentations, she met her next boss called "Wac" he was a caring and passionate man, he also gave Addy a cut of every augmentation, she grew to see him as family and a figure she respects in life. They worked together for months, during those months Addy grew more and more augmented, replacing her eyes and then arms, taking more and more riskier bounties, she ended up finding an apartment with Katiana. Eventually the apartment got raided by the CSEC police, Katiana calling Addy to let her know they were in danger. Adequiline snuck into the hallway the police were set in and immediately began firing upon the CSEC, allowing her to wound one, while her partner "Wac" also took fire helping take out a few as well. Katiana burst out the apartment door with her weapons ready, but it was too late. The kill switch had already been activated, Kat and Addy took to the roof exit while Wac went out the front door. He was met with a swift death.

Her second boss had just been murdered in front of her, yet another boss dead to her actions. This gave Addy the motivation to finally get her permits to sell and install augmentations, starting with anything up to tier 3, she loved it. Working and customizing special augmentations that were scrapped to avoid having permits revoked. She worked her way all the way up to tier 5 augmentations, people knew her name. She was the most respected and trusted Ripper in the city, she was known. Everywhere she went people had stories to tell her and requests to make. She was a low class celebrity.

Eventually that city was seen as inhabitable, the military force moved everyone out of that city into a new one, a fresh start so to say for everyone. Addy loved it there, finding an apartment, adjacent to the bar, and just down the street from a major brand industry. Her apartment was perfect because it supported enough outlets for her to plug in all of her augment tools and set up a chair that allowed her customers to lay down in a comfortable way while having their limbs cut off and removed.

This city also sported a brand new AMMAL arena, this is also a side job Addy took on and it was amazing, fighting for money? Count her in, she was a featherweight fighter, but for the augments she had she most definitely needed to be tiered higher. There were only two official fights, but she had fought in the arena dozens of times. She is 1-1, her win against her then Fiance Katiana, and her loss against the gun nut Ryan Smith. The fight against Katiana was a good one, both landing hard hits and kicks, while dodging just as much. Addy ended up shattering Katiana's ribs and winning by that. Addy was the underdog, so the few that bet on her, they won big time. Kabby being her biggest supporter in the fight, also being the one who bet the most money on her. Addy won his tens of thousands, allowing him to slide her 10k flat. Her loss was a friendly loss against Ryan which ended in a ref stepping in once Addy was no longer able to properly guard herself due to the constant blows to her head. Ryan was strong, the fight was one sided. Addy couldn't perform in that fight.

She grew a love for power, buying an ExoSkeleton, upgrading to Tier 5 augments, installing every chipware she was able to install to grow more and more power. She was slowly becoming more and more of a robot. Somewhere along the line she joined Shinjuku, doing augments and some super shady shit regarding things she cant say publicly.

All in all, Adequiline was a city legend and everyone who was close in her group was rather wealthy and always had her watching there back.
There is more to be added but it will be somewhere on the line she chooses to write more on herself.


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