Barric Robert-son, Lesser Werewolf and Dedicated Father


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104112300

Discord Name: DruCart3456

Character Name: Barric Robert-son

Backstory (Keep this very brief): Fantasy farmer lad on the far edge outskirts of a the capital. Lil older lad in his 30s, but purposefully lives so far from the city's guards and safety cause he and his young daughter are cursed/afflicted with lycanthropy. Lad spends every full moon effectively keeping her locked inside with him, and keeping them hidden, until... idk, however he gets introduced. Maybe she escapes, maybe they get found, something.

What do you want for your character: Rags and a shiv, baby. Jack diddly squat. Nothing. Except maybe the lycanthropy abilities in the lore; change on command, maybe a half-way transformation, and forced to change every full moon. Mans a lesser werewolf lorewise.

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?: Never played anything dark or edgy before, so I just kind of wanna use him for that; constantly worried, compassionate, weaker guy, with a goal in mind, trying to find a way to get there, while dealing with this curse, this thing forced on him that keeps him from making progress, or gets him into trouble / danger without his control. Perhaps find a cure along the way, etc. Peasant, werewolf, dark backstory, spooky guy. Otherwise, dude's just for passive and staying alive. Go with the flow.

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