BioWare, or manufactured biological limbs

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In Chromed Out 2, "BioWare" refers to the process of manufacturing, in some way, biologically-identified body parts.

These are usually incredibly expensive, largely due to their ability to be custom-tailored to a client's specifications, and overall strength, agility, etc.

BioWare limbs are able to take AUGMENTATIONS.

This means, that if one was able to purchase, have made, and had grafted to their body, a BioWare limb, that they would be able to install Augmentations to that BioWare Limb - which in turn means that yes, if someone were wealthy enough to do so, they could potentially have high-strength augmentations, with strength-increasing ChipWare, put on an already high-strength BioWare limb.

Due to this, these are extremely uncommon, and expensive.
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