Blacksmithing, Upgrading, Materials, and it's relation to Rarities

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In Tales of Onoth, nothing of any rarity that you find comes with stats, already attached to it - unless it's of course, unique in it's nature of it's drop, meaning that you've found it with a pre-determined prefix, suffix, enchant, or upgrade attached to it. This means that most of the time, even if you stumble across something such as "Legendary Iron Plate Armor", it typically will not come with any stat buffs/debuffs pre-determined, and will usually be completely set to 0, across the board.

The reason for this, is that higher rarity = higher limit cap for upgrades.

Upgrades are buffs to stats that always succeed, given that you have found a crafting bit that matches both the material, and the rarity of the item.

So, if you have an item that is both Rare, and Iron, you would need "Rare Iron Ingots" of some specific amount, in order to upgrade the item. When you upgrade the item, it's similar to enchanting in the sense that you pre-choose what exactly you want buffed.

All items that work with the EquipSlots system come with a material in the name.

Like I've mentioned before, rarities come with limit caps to upgrades. So, one must think if they want to decide upon gamble-enchanting a non-rare to bring it from common->uncommon, or uncommon->rare, potentially breaking the item in the process, in order to give it a higher limit to the amount of always-successful upgrades that can be done to it (maybe you have a good source on those blacksmithing parts for the item), or perhaps you want to throw caution to the wind, make an attempt for a good prefix and suffix, and then start enchanting it with protection tinctures after the fact. Either way, it's up to you, and largely is geared towards who you know, and what you have at your disposal.

Rarity upgrade caps are as follows:

Common: 0 (You can still prefix/suffix/enchant these.)
Uncommon: 2
Rare: 5
Epic: 8
Legendary: 11
Mythic: 14
In terms of using magic to bring an item from one rarity, to the next, I'll release a mechanic for that soon.
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