'Carter' the Skeleton


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Character Name: Unit- CART037 ' Carter'

Character Race: Skeleton-EXO

Character Age: 21:54:11 up 1825 days, 4:29, 1 user, load average: 0.21, 0.21, 0.12

Character Role/Job (If Any): Armorer /Researcher/Cartographer

Passive Racial Characteristics:

A being of metal and circuits that is interested in the concept of the Scitilliants and how they are created.
A chassis of metal that has turned yellow from the dirt, sand, and weather though no rust is seen.
Not a huge figure, with a set of baggy pants and what looks like a bandana tied across its headpiece.
Not one to show much humor.

Passive Racial Abilities:

Does not experience Heat or Cold
Does not express emotions but can feel them
Retains memories easily and in clear detail
It does not need to eat.
No affinity for magic at all..can not produce or use it.

Other Character Abilities: A being dedicated to the learning of Scitilants. A traveler and skilled mapmaker, using their great memory to help them draw things easily and estimate distance. And a natural affinity towards armoring as he had to use scavenge parts and materials to improve his own chassis as it worn down from the climate and hostile wildlife.

Character Backstory (OPTIONAL):

The creation of this unit is unknown. Woken from inside some cave deep in the sands, this unit has roamed. Digging through its memory it found its Designation, some files of its system and uptime. Yet this info served him little, and CART037 wandered the sands of Arizadoria. Soon found by some Nomadic Scintillants, he was taken in, for they believed him to be like them. Yet it was apparent that while CART037 was similar to the Scintilants..there were differences...they could display emotions better, they could do their magic of illumination while he could not. He also noted their physical appearances. They were a collection of sand, rock, and cactus flesh. While Carter was metal... refined too well constructed for that. From them he was able to learn how to communicate with the Tribe, grasping their language quickly...and learn little of how they were created. He even learned that the 'illumination' was inside him as well yet they did not know why he couldn't produce it like them.

Even though 'illumination' was out of his reach, he found other ways to contribute to the tribe that took him in. He used his fine memory storage to remember details of the land such as ranching location and shelters. He then produced maps for the tribe using animal hide and leathers. His constant maintenance of himself gave him an understanding of armoring, and let him repurpose and overhaul his chasis and limbs at times due to the weather or wildlife. Yet he always felt..unsatisfied and uncertain. He questioned why was he different..how was he created?

As Carter's uptime extended he realized that he wanted to know more about the Scintilants, as it could probably shed light on his own creation. Yet, he wound't find the answers in the village, he had taken all the information he could from them. He was given a proper farewell when he let his plans know the tribe, there was a celebration and his was bestowed many gifts before his departure..Some cloth items to provide protection to his limbs and keep the sand out that were gained from by traders. One of the growing guard dogs of the tribe, still young and not fully mature. A pack full of items, scrap to repair himself, and even food and water for the dog. And lastly, a scrap sword tempered and forged by the best users of 'illumination' in the tribe. Though he did feel sad at leaving, he was also excited that he was on his journey of learning how he came to exist..and if he had a purpose.


Starting Weapons (If Any):
A scrap sword, tempered and forged through illumination magic. A young guard dog of the nomadic tribe.

Starting Items (If Any): A handmade Cartography kit, made by CART037. A few tools that assisted him in repairing or dissembling parts of his chasis. A pouch filled with pieces of scrap metal. A few rations of food (dried meat) and water for the dog. And his guard dog, which he has never named. Some cloth pants. A handmade pack from his Nomadic Tribe.

Starting Currency (If Any): No money


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You could say if Gimpernau hadnt flip up then Cappirossi would have a real chance. I agree though the riders in finishing front of Hayden are better/best riders.

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