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Realizing how incredibly expansive the lore for Chromed Out has become over the last two iterations, I basically decided to keep both a lore forum, in three parts, for history/current affairs/technology, but then also keep a wiki, which is built around a central timeline.

Feel free to register with this service, and use it to add any sort of world-building that you might come up with. Corporations, factions, background characters, whatever you want - if you'd like it to be canon, you can add it.

If you have any questions or feel like, or are not sure if youre lore article clashes with another established lore article, feel free to ask.

Also, please feel free to add a page about your character for their biography, your faction, your group, whatever you'd like.


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I could give it a go, though last time I looked at the Wiki it was mostly crap so it might be less upgrade and more create a new one and copy across the few bits that are relevant. Not sure how it would work though.

Keep us running!

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