Community Conduct Rules

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1. Banarchy. We reserve the right to ban you, for whatever reason. You can trust that we won't kick/ban/mute you without good reason, though.
2. Use common sense. If you don't want to be put on blast for something, don't say it.
3. Keep the community inclusive - don't be hateful or spread gross, shitty memes that belong elsewhere. Leave your transphobia/homphobia on other communities.
4. Everyone is welcome here. Nobody here will be discriminated against based on race/ethnicity/orientation/gender identity.
5. Memes go in the memes channel.
6. NSFW shit goes in the NSFW folder.
7. Leave your politics at the door. This means you, hard-core Communists and Nazis(White Nat'list, Supremacist, Race Realists, etc.)
8. Largely treat others the way you'd like to be treated.
9. Keep IC in IC sections.
10. Don't do anything "illegal."
11. Be understanding of others - We understand that people get upset, people get angry, people get frustrated and aggrivated. Don't fan the flames. We try to be understanding, here.
12. Remember the human on the other side of the computer.
13. This is a clean slate server - If someone wronged you elsewhere, don't bring it up here. This is a new beginning for the way that servers and communities are handled, in positive fashion.
14. Don't post people's private logs, or invade their privacy.
15. NEVER brigade or harass any other communities - don't advertise our communities in toxic fashions. It doesn't matter what others have done towards the community - we know our server is the best - we don't need a cheerleader squad in other people's spaces to show that.​
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