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Cutthroat Joe

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Character Name:
Azrial of Tovell

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):

Azrial is a far-off traveler from the region of Tovell. There, he did as all residence of Tovell did to survive. He pillaged, he stole, and he fought the many eldritch beasts of the region every single day. As a result of the insane power of his foes, his entire fighting dynamic is attacking with as much ferocity and strength as humanly possible before his enemy is able to get a strike back at him. To do that, he carries a great sword that is almost the length of a pike. This allows him to close in faster on his foes.

What do you want for your character:

  • A Greatsword of the character's quality
  • Leather Studded Armor

Why should you get what you want:

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