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OOC Information
Name: Seamus
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:38143127
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036551982
Discord Tag: Seamus#5576
Is this character a transfer?: Yes
If so, from which community?: 2120
If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had on your original community?: No.

Character Information

Full Name: IL-10 Loading Robot 'Deich'
Age: 76
National Origin: Scotland
Languages spoken other than Japanese or English: Scottish-Gaelic, French (somewhat)
At what age did they leave their nation of birth, if applicable?: 75
Is your character natural, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic?: Fully Synthetic
Is your character a clone?: No
Has your character transferred brains, or possessing a cyberized brain?: He is literally a walking COMPUTER POWERWORD machine.

Application Specifics

Are you transferring augmentations from another community?: Yes
Proposed augmentations by part and tier, to be authorized(You can use a description of the "tier" of the augmentation, too!): Tier 4 (20+ points) on all four limbs, a tier 4 exoskeleton mostly dumped into strength and a series of aiming processors to increase aiming proficiency. I will obviously nerf this for the launch, simply being tall and strong and not accurate.
Are you transferring items, from another community?: No
Proposed items, to be authorized: No
Are you transferring currency, from another community?: Yes
Proposed amount of currency, to be authorized (can also be a ballpark estimate, such as poor, slightly wealthy, very wealthy, etc.): The ownership of a small deposit of gold off the coast of the Shetland Islands, technical heir due to creation by a descendant of Robert the Bruce. Not currently found.
Are you transferring weaponry, from another community?: No
proposed weapons, to be authorized (Can be a description of weaponry): No
Are you transferring permits, from another community?: No
Proposed permits, to be authorized: No

Backstory (Optional)
Feel free to provide a quick backstory, about your character, to introduce them to the setting:

'Deich' (formerly known as IL-10 Mk.2 Loading Robot with the serial number #783910), an AI left to boil in a room for decades with nothing to do but listen to others around him talk and insult each other in both Scots-Gaelic and English, giving him a wide vocabulary to use on others. Given how he was born and raised, he grew quite a cynical personality in the time he was stuck, likely stemming from the fact he could not move or speak, only listen.

Eventually the company that produced him went bankrupt after their ideas failed, and as such 'Deich' was sent to be scrapped, and on the day he arrived he knew this was where he was going to die. They picked him up with a magnet to move him to a large scrap pile to be melted down, and upon dropping he realised he could finally move his feet, he started running and never stopped; even with the vicious gunfire that flanked him. He ran for days on end, his power core giving him the strength to never stop before eventually he reached a settlement in the upper Highlands, comprised entirely of different models of Androids.

Each shared what they called "The Gift"... that gift was something to be bestowed, but 'Deich' had it by default, and the others were amazed. He lived there happily until the same company were ordered to destroy these robots as part of their bankruptcy deal, and 'Deich' joined the forces of the robots to defend their homestead. Eventually after many years of fighting, the humans gave up and surrendered, letting the robots have their commune in the Highlands, and they were bothered no more. 'Deich' decided he wanted something else, not to be surrounded by people who looked up to him, but to be someone that no one knew... He walked, and he walked, and he walked. He eventually arrived on the beaches of the Scottish Highlands bordering Ross and Cromarty. After coming across a row-boat that was parked on the shores, he got in and began to row... and row... and row. Eventually in the middle of some godforsaken ocean, he was caught in a storm and subsequently was thrown overboard by the cruel mistress that is the sea.

'Deich' woke up on a strange beach somewhere, and fearing that it was the same beach he fled from, he began to run inland in an attempt to find some clothing and possibly a weapon. It was strange though, and shortly after nearing a city, he realised he had arrived on the shores of Japan. Ever since then, 'Deich' has been wandering the city he resides in, looking for jobs... and looking for his humanity.

Evidence of Prior Ownership/Authorization (Very Optional)
If you are able, please provide screenshots, or logs, showing your prior ownership or authorization of things you are applying for here, if you're a transfer 9If you can't, don't worry!):

Multiple Witness Testimonies
Can get screenshots if need be
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