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CO2SM features a new mechanic that I've come up with, in order to be able to add event-based stat or skill progression to characters that are being active, and partaking.

Simply put, there will be some instances where you are given the option to make a decision that entails you having to succeed a stat/skill check - these situations may be something dangerous, or may put you in precarious situations.

Feats are both positive, and negative occurrences, however. They are meant to effect specifically, the decision-making process of an event, or a major part of the campaign.

Normal stat/skill check success/fails typically result in a positive gain to whatever stat or skill is being affected, but feats are slightly different - wherein, if you succeed a stat/skill check during a feat, you will gain much more stat/skill points in that specific stat/skill.

Due to the often dangerous nature of feats, failure may result in an injury.

If you fail the feat, you will receive a permanent reduction to the stat/skill that was being checked. Often-times, the amount of points that you lose if you fail, will be equal to, or slightly less than what you stood to gain, if you had succeeded it. You may receive an injury of some sort, which will most likely be temporary. Some injuries are much more grievous than others, of course, so it depends on a case-by-case basis of what the situation is.

This system largely is taking the place of what servers have traditionally offered in this type of environment, where you risk a PK of your character - but we don't like doing that kind of thing, because we are not trying to end your character development. We go for injuries and stat/skill reduction over PK's always, knowing full well that a major injury can always be repaired, due to the nature of medical technology in this setting, which may result in incurring medical debt.

Feats, unlike normal skill/stat checks, are always based on simple rolling with a single modifier.

Feats may sometimes check multiple stats/skills in succession. If you fail once, you fail the entire feat. You will still earn a portion of the total awardable stat/skill points for whatever check you passed. For whatever check you failed, during a multi-check feat, you still lose the points for that specific stat/skill.

Unlike normal checks, feats are a one-attempt-only type of thing.

Stat/skill points are only rewarded for the specific stat/skill(s) that were checked during the feat.

Event-runners will notify you beforehand, if a specific situation is a feat.

Attempting a feat is always optional, however sometimes they may have a major impact on the coming story, or the results of the situation you currently find yourself in.
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