"Flamingo 2"


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Steam Name: Ice

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:0

Discord Name: Pha

Character Name: Jix "Flamingo 2" Chuchi

Species/Droid Class and Model: Pantoran

Skills, Equipment, Other Items: Dual SE-14 Blasters, a UT-60D (U-wing Starfigther), years of Starfigther knowledge.

Backstory (not required, but encouraged) :
Flamingo 2 was a star fighter pilot in the Pantoran Royal Air Force, having flown many missions for the planets local defense during and after the clone wars. Him and his squadron has also seen deployment in battles in near by space, figthing for the Republic and the Empire in separate campaigns. His unit now disbanded by the Empire he now fly's missions for whomever is paying.

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