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Co-Price of Andorra, Bishop of Urgell, Pres of FRA
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Ceririi Derli

Backstory (Keep this very brief):

Ceririi, like many other dark elves, comes from the Twilight Lands. She was raised in a small hamlet in an even smaller town of Zidinisaad. In this town her childhood was able to prosper. There were many friends for her to make, a lot of woods to explore, and many memories to be made. However, despite Ceririi's happy memories of her childhood her father struggled to put food on the table. His specific talent was not in high demand, and it was hard for him to find work.

Growing into young adulthood Ceririi became more aware of her family's financial problem. In an effort to support her family, Ceririi turned to crime. Under the cover of night she would frequently sneak into the homes of her neighbors and take a few golden coins. Ceririi's parents never questioned where Ceririi got the extra coin, instead they blindly and happily accepted the extra money. However this thief charade would not last long for her. Eventually she was caught red handed and was brought to the town's elders. During her criminal trial she brought great shame to her family name and was dished the sentence of exile from Zidinisaad.

Ceririi would leave Zidinisaad, moving towards the mainland. Thanks to her dark elf talents and practiced skills, Ceririi would return to thievery. She would hone and sharpen her skills over the course of many years, only being caught once in the action. During her entire time on the mainland she would consistently send letters and gold coins back to her parents in Zidinisaad. They too would frequently write back and give her thanks for the extra financial support. During modern days, after a somewhat botched thievery job, Ceririi is looking to join a mercenary band or questing group.

What do you want for your character:

Regarding her equipment I would like her to have a small steel dagger, thick leather armor, small bladder rucksack, lockpicks and her miscellaneous personal items.

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:

I would like my character to join the main group of player characters, as she is looking for a group to join. I would like for her to be a thief/rogue character specializing in stealth, small blades and assassination. Occasionally I would like her to send letters and a little coin back to her dark elf parents in Zidinisaad. It also would be neat to form a little plot about losing some of the gold in the mail. Maybe someone in the post stole her money!

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