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OOC Information
Name: Zach
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Discord Tag: Zach#4451
Is this character a transfer?: No.
If so, from which community?: -
If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had on your original community?: -

Character Information
Full Name: Giang 'Guy' Nguyen
Age: 32
National Origin: Vietnamese
Languages spoken other than Japanese or English: Guy speaks a handful of other Southeast Asian tongues conversationally, rooted from years of experience and travel among these ethnic regions in smuggling.
At what age did they leave their nation of birth, if applicable?: 19
Is your character natural, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic?: Naturally created.
Is your character a clone, or clonable?: No.
Has your character transferred brains, or possessing a cyberized brain?: Guy is on the final stages of the learning device to be able to have a cyberized mind.

Application Specifics
Proposed augmentations by part and tier, to be authorized(You can use a description of the "tier" of the augmentation, too!): None.
Proposed items, to be authorized: None at the start.
Proposed amount of currency, to be authorized (can also be a ballpark estimate, such as poor, slightly wealthy, very wealthy, etc.): Guy is a slightly wealthy man, when it comes to his front of being a landlord, it could work for itself when he eventually does decide to go clean, but his smuggling and fixing ventures typically lead him to the higher side of the poverty line.
Proposed weapons, to be authorized (Can be a description of weaponry): A small caliber pocket pistol which is typically used to defend himself.
Proposed permits, to be authorized: None, as he is illegally operating his smuggling ring.

Backstory (Optional)
Feel free to provide a quick backstory, about your character, to introduce them to the setting:
Guy, birth name Giang Nguyen, was born in the now desolate shithole of Vietnam, which has long been abandoned ever since the adaptation of self-sustainable megacities. Before, it was a large farming colony, used by the Chinese and Japanese to feed their ever-growing populations, with practical slave labor being used to man the farms, laborers being paid next to nothing. Typically, there is a stigma that comes with coming from Vietnam in places of higher-society, such as the megacities that had made the nation redundant. Nguyen finds a great deal of shame from his homeland, and goes out of his way to hide his origins, by adopting a more Western-friendly name, Guy.

Guy had left Vietnam at age nineteen after involving himself in smuggling rings within the nation, travelling from place to place to be able to purchase and sell merchandise. Gradually with trust gained among these movements, he had begun his own operation, moving to the epicenter of it all, Hong Kong. Living there for practically a decade, Guy considers himself a native, still operating his smuggling operations within the city. The shipments are unreliable, however, with the upstart of the wars between the Chinese and Japanese. However, due to the ease of access of previously illegal goods, whenever he receives them, he scores big.

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