Hauclir Mistwalker


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Steam ID: 76561198102839803

Discord Name: Topham

Character Name: Sir Topham Hat

Backstory: Hauclir is a high elf, son of nobility hailing from a land far off from the current setting that long ago met its ruin at the hands of an alliance of Orcs and goblins. Following the destruction of his homeland he was left to wander the Earth where he found his talents as a rogue, mixing what little sorcery he knows in with a natural knack for stealth. In general he is well educated, an adept outdoorsman tends to give the lives of Elves a higher value than the other races of Onoth.

What do you want for your character:
2x - Short-swords
1x - Dagger
1x - Shortbow
1x - Length of rope 20m
1x - Thieves tools (Lockpicks ect..)
1x - Hardened Leather Armour
1x - Silver Helmet

Very proficient at stealth and dexterity feats

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?
Nothing in particular, I just want to give the server a go. My aim is to play off the rogue archetype.
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