Hood's "Nemo" AI Character Application

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OOC Information
Name: Hood
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66490324
Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/K1NGSpiin/
Discord Tag: Hood#8912
Is this character a transfer?: Nope.
If so, from which community?: N/A
If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had on your original community?: N/A

Character Information

Full Name: 'Nemo'
Age: Unknown
National Origin: Unknown
Languages spoken other than Japanese or English: All human languages that have been databased on the Net.
At what age did they leave their nation of birth, if applicable?: N/A
Is your character natural, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic?: Artificial Intelligence on the Net.
Is your character a clone, or clonable?: Clonable, unless it's software is completely erased with no backup.
Has your character transferred brains, or possessing a cyberized brain?: No, Nemo would have to be reprogrammed to possess a cyberized brain.

Application Specifics

Are you transferring augmentations from another community?: Nope.
Proposed augmentations by part and tier, to be authorized(You can use a description of the "tier" of the augmentation, too!): N/A
Are you transferring items, from another community?: Nope.
Proposed items, to be authorized: N/A
Are you transferring currency, from another community?: Nope.
Proposed amount of currency, to be authorized (can also be a ballpark estimate, such as poor, slightly wealthy, very wealthy, etc.): N/A
Are you transferring weaponry, from another community?: Nope.
proposed weapons, to be authorized (Can be a description of weaponry): N/A
Are you transferring permits, from another community?: Nope.
Proposed permits, to be authorized: N/A

Backstory (Optional)
Feel free to provide a quick backstory, about your character, to introduce them to the setting:

The origin of Nemo is unknown, leading a few curious hackers and netrunners on a puzzle-like hunt. Nemo appears to be sentient, and from all the information gathered, it is speculated that it is running off of a modified version of SoulOS. Other than the occasional 'Find Nemo' message that it appears to be programmed to send out to the Net, Nemo interacts with others on the Net like anybody else would interact on the Net. Nemo has a very secure firewall, and it would take a very skilled, almost professional level hacker/netrunner to breach into it's software and decrypt the information. All questions regarding Nemos origin is either completely ignored or replied to with a vague response. Some people speculate that Nemo was designed to lead people to some sort of prize or reward if they can breach it's firewall, or that it would lead to the next step of the puzzle. All attempts to bypass the firewall has failed, but Nemo has only been able to attract low level hackers. Maybe one day someone can reveal the true secrets and origin of Nemo.

F̴̞̜̓i̵̯̠̒́ṉ̶͒d̵̦̏ ̸̡͑̇N̸̨̚e̶͚̐͐m̸̮̤͘o̶̲͛


Accepted: Nemo is a very low level AI as it is described, and lacks any real threat potential.
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