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"I have been the victim of three wars, seven mass shootings, a laundry list of assaults, and one murder. Yet, I've never been cheated on by someone. I guess I'm just lucky..."
  • Handle: Pawn​
  • Nationality: American​
  • Age: 28​
  • Alignment: True-Neutral​
Expunged Criminal Record:
Criminal-Conspiracy / Thievery / Grand-Theft-Auto


is lost, but more people than ever need it in their lives. I'm blessed in a way to have been given it at birth.

-Nomads are the only group with any sense of loyalty left on the planet. You can't bribe a Nomad without bribing the entire family. You can't betray a Nomad without betraying the entire family. You can't kill a Nomad without killing the entire family.

-Cops are just a really weird gang. They have territory, have colors, commit crimes, and put hits on people who mess with their business. The only difference is that they're the biggest.


-Start a Clan
-Become Immortal
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