Konrad Siedl

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Character Name: Konrad Siedl (Con-rad See-dull)

Backstory (Keep this very brief):

Konrad Siedl, currently twenty years of age, is from a small nigh unheard of town on the edge of a swamp to the west of Spruceton. The Siedl royalty is the current ruling family of this little swamp kingdom, making most of its income through controlling the nearby river. Konrad is unfortunately enough the second born male of this current generation of Siedles, leaving him with no guarantee of wealth or power from time.

Thus Konrad has set out with two heirlooms granted to him by his older brother to find glory or fame in the now newly developing world outside their mud kingdom. A secondary purpose in this journey is of course, to send back money to help fund the failing royalty's grip on power.

The Siedl family has perhaps one fact worth keeping secret: No member by blood lives longer than fourty years, and usually starts declining around thirty-five years.

What do you want for your character:

Set of light full armor, shown in screenshot down below.

A duelist's sword (Rapier)

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:

Provide interesting roleplay, at the very least make the world seem a bit more immersive for others.
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