ModMeds, Neural Drain, and Chromeage

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ModMeds are a generalized term assigned to a series of medications that are in a constant, high demand. They've become extremely commonplace in any Sprawl-enabled city, or country, and the producers of them, are completely contained within The Triumvirate, produced by a variety of corporations, that are contained under the MegaCorporation, Baufirma.

come in two forms. Orally-taken pills, and Intramuscular (IM) Injections. They're extremely sought after, with the highest narcotic-related cause of crime being the obtainment of them, as is shown by global crime statistics, reported by The Triumvirate - especially within Japan, due to the common use of WetWare. ModMeds slow Neural Drain - which is controlled by your overall Chromeage.

Neural Drain is represented as a bar, at the top of your screen.
At 1/1000 Chromeage, your Neural Drain bar will deplete once every 12 hours.

When your Neural Drain bar is completely depleted, you will begin to experience the beginning stages of Techshock.

Taking ModMeds of any type, will replenish your Neural Drain bar. If your Neural Drain bar reaches 0, it will cause your player to move slowly. You'll receive notifications in regards to the symptoms of Techshock that you're experiencing.

The higher your Chromeage stat, the quicker your Neural Drain bar will deplete.

You can manage your Chromeage in longer-term formats, by investing in various types of Neural Dampening ChipWare. Mounting Neural Dampening ChipWare onto anywhere on your body, will lower your overall Chromeage stat.

ModMeds come in a variety of "qualities." The lower the quality, the lower the price, the lower the effectiveness of the ModMed.

The qualities of ModMeds are as follows:

Medical-Grade (Official, Brand-Name)
Economic-Grade (Official, Generics)
Offbrand-Grade (Unofficial, Sketchy Source)
Blackmarket-Grade (Unofficial, Illegal Source)
Homebrew-Grade (Unofficial, Illegally cooked, sketchy source)​

Some may be illegal to possess, and take. Some may potentially get you sick.

Official ModMeds usually come sealed, labelled, marked, and in forms that are ready-to-dose. Sometimes, anything else may come as the active ingredient - in vials, in powder, without a ready-to-dose system.

ModMeds are also able to be provided on a rationed basis, either free alongside an insurance subscription to Central MED/TECH, depending on your tier of insurance - or may reduce the cost of the purchase of those ModMeds, depending on where they are sourced from, depending on if an authorized reseller of ModMeds take your insurance.
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