Monika Schnee's Character Transfer


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OOC Information
Name: Snow
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:67731160
Steam Profile Link:
Discord Tag: Snow#8504
Is this character a transfer?: Yes.
If so, from which community?: NewLight 2120
If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had on your original community?: No- less.

Character Information
Full Name: (Doctor) Monika Schnee
Age: 23 (D.O.B. moved to 2064)
National Origin: Germany (Munich/Bavaria)
  1. German
  2. Japanese
  3. English
At what age did they leave their nation of birth, if applicable?: 22 y/o
Natural, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic?: Natural, Augmented
Clone: No.
Transferred/Cyberized Brain: No.

Application Specifics
Are you transferring augmentations from another community?: Yes
Proposed augmentations by part and tier, to be authorized:
  • Eyes
    • Full, dual replacements
    • Custom-made
    • "Barely legal" quality (Tier 4/20 points)
    • Heads-up display
    • Mood detecting irises
  • Arms & Hands
    • Full arm replacement (Hands & Arms)
    • "Delicate Procedure" Grade
    • Custom-made
    • Equal parts reflex and aim enhancement, useful in operations which require surgical precision. Plus, she can shoot pretty well if it comes to it. Nice.
    • "Barely legal" quality
    • Fully covered in synthetic skin, near-realistic prostheses with no gadgets in or outside
  • Legs
    • Muscular Augmentation
    • Custom-made
    • "Barely legal" quality
    • Monika's leg muscles have been completely replaced by synthetic muscles, created to enhance her speed and resistance to trauma.
Are you transferring items, from another community?:
Proposed items, to be authorized:

Are you transferring currency, from another community?: Yes.
Proposed amount of currency, to be authorized (can also be a ballpark estimate, such as poor, slightly wealthy, very wealthy, etc.):
In 2120, Monika was on her way to becoming fairly wealthy by selling augmentations and augmentation services, medicine, and receiving a hefty HELIOS department management paycheck. The highest amount at one point she had obtained was in the ballpark of 100,000 credits.

Weaponry Transfer: Yes.

Arint LR-6 Designated Marksman Rifle
Monika's favorite weapon.
Caliber: .338 Lapua
Magazine Size: 8 Rounds

Are you transferring permits, from another community?: Yes.
Proposed permits, to be authorized:

Permits: Yes.
Being an individual with delicate procedure-grade augmentations, Monika would require the appropriate permit.
Med/Tech License
Ripperdoc License

Find out IC.

Evidence of Prior Ownership/Authorization (Very Optional)
No up-to-date screenshots.


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I finished Fire and Ice within the app did not transfer to the main Quest app. Is there any way to transfer this character to other modules? I have imported the save file to the main Quest app using itunes but the game opens in the fire and ice, not the original world. How do I import my character from fire and Ice to HOL for instance?

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