Myreth Pyth

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Myreth Pyth

Backstory (Keep this very brief):
Pyth had lived within the uncharted far-lands to the east, living originally within a village located within the ruined high walls of a cliff-fort of which had been half-swallowed by natural erosion. The community she grew within was a strange mix of dark-druidism focusing on natural dart-magic and arts to perform much of their basic needs such as lighting, cooking and even moving of heavy material for building.

Pyth being exposed from birth took on these arts as naturally as you would learning a second language, not excelling but meeting a kind of stagnancy that was shared with near everyone living here, with it being unknown if excelling past a point was even possible besides the elders of their fort possessing additional powers for dangerously destructive purposes meant to be kept away to ensure no rogue villager to cause destruction to their way of life.

During her late teen years, Pyth strayed near the cliff edge to gaze at the sea with a morbid curiosity, suddenly being blown by high winds putting her off balance, falling towards the sea below to her probable death. Fortunately however she was caught by a jutting out ledge, bruised and winded but fine enough, finding a passage into the cliff face itself from this rock-platform. Venturing inside they found amany drawn runes and pictoral stories showing some form of horde followed by a dark miasma, leading to a natural rock pedestal with some form of dark artifact, calling to them like some form of stalking predator from the deepest areas of her subconscious.

Taking the object for her own Pyth, under the new guidance of this strange object, found her way through eroded tunnels from the secluded passage. On attempting to return to the fort they were embroiled in a deep scolding from the object, telling her stories of the nature of her powers and by extension the powers of her piers, telling them that they would horde it (the object) if she returned with it with herself being in probable danger for coveting it, under the persuasion of this object probably assisted by its dark natures Pyth strayed from her home, wandering on while this object started its teachings in return for favours. Teachings to build on her hereditary and natural powers, necromancy.

What do you want for your character:
I'm looking to build off of necromancy as a foundation of my characters magic. Branching from it to be able to summon 'dead' npcs to primarily be the main form of combat for this character, secondarily using her magic be able to inflict magic on items such as minor curses or minor buffs that could be further trained to gain in potency. Magic wouldn't be narrowed for specifically 'reviving the dead' but including necromantic spells that would be associated by not focused on this aspect.

Relating to players I would say that it would be a little counter intuitive to be able to 'revive' players through this magic, as a form of debuff to this aspect I would recommend (on request of player associates) to bring back a player as a 'undead' who would change their race to 'undead' who would eventually be changed to 'skeleton' after taking damage over a considerable amount of time. Reviving players would also mean any injuries sustained at death would stay almost in everycase, with near no chance to revive players as their full 'living' selves. (If a situation of 'revival' did happen there would be a cost of it from myself and the parties involved in attempting to revive their associate.)

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:
I have prospects on starting a covenant focusing on practising necromantic arts. I am NOT wanting to focus on starting a 'evil' cult, at worst we're hoping to be neutrally chaotic, keeping ourselves reserved in the interests of preserving this lost art.
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