Naomi Kakeyeshi (WIP)


Illegally retarded
~~Naomi Kakeyeshi~~
"A misguided youth with no bright future in sight.[...] The Courier wasn't neccessarily big, nor intimidating like the company she keeps, a rather innocent figure on a mechanical steed delivering messages to her peers.[...] Always moving between two worlds, the world of crime and the world of the Corporates... The border being very diminutive. [...] Her violet hair was shaved on her right and replaced with illuminated artworks of honor, - whatever remained of her hair was reaching down to her throat. [...] Violet and amourous were her heart shaped pupils, yet showed sign of little empathy except for herself. Her eyes only saw what was infront of her, - never beyond her current goal or obstacle, - no perception for consequences and the years ahead of herself. [...] Naomi's only redeemig factor for standing out from average scum was her love for history, of what once was and of what will once be. [...] A permanent frown was grimaced on the Courier's face, her cyber - wires moving with her cheeks in parallel fashion. [...] Will always be good for nothing, and will die for nothing."
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Handle : Courier of Two Worlds
Ethnicity : Japanese
Age : 21 (YoB : 2066)
Profession : Courier / Fixer
Affiliation : Yamaguchi-Gumi Yakuza Clan / Corporations / Tenshi Horizon Corporation
Alignment :
Neutral Evil
Hobbies : Racing (Bike), Collecting antique Samurai stuff

"I'm just another born good - for - nothing."


-Nomads cannot be trusted, they only care for their family and for no one or anything else. They are not naive street Yakuzas, nor are they some daddy's son, one cannot betray or bribe them as easy as all the rest.

-I cannot blame the men and women at the
Ukiyu City Police Department, in another world I could've been one of them, - if I lacked a personality and free will.

-If it weren't for my family, the
Yamaguchi-Gumi Clan, I'd probably be working at a damsel-house or be dead in an alley.
~~Current goals in life~~
-Become famous
-Have a child
~~Notes of Interest~~

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