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Backstory (Keep this very brief):

an escaped draft horse hailing from the champion Vozeran Onyx fled upon their master's banishment. Spending eons to remove the curse of it's harness to be bound with it's now dead user they seek mages powerful enough to remove the eternal curse. Being a dead mount from a champion came with it's perks; the mount was not mindless, having been created rather then being revived allowed for the creature to not obey every whim mindlessly.

What do you want for your character:

25 STR
25 CON
15 DEX
(If any are too high i'd completely be willing to lower them, just going off of vs enchanted as I don't expect to raise it further.)

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:
General companion/mount. I hope to provide players with something a bit more personal for rp whether it be farming or general adventure/ exploration hence why the stats are stated.

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