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Steam Name: Atomic Chicken

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198133160262/

Discord Tag: Atomic Chicken#1850


Character Name: Randy

Character Race: Skeleton

Character Age: 1,000

Character Role/Job (If Any): N/A

Passive Racial Characteristics: A man of bone, whose head is empty like his sockets.. His clothes loosely fit his boney frame, his skull is covered by a brimmed hat, & a pair of glasses hide those empty sockets.

Passive Racial Abilities: Does not need to eat, drink, sleep, breathe. It is not really affected by heat or cold.

Other Character Abilities: N/A

Character Backstory (OPTIONAL): Who is the man whose clothes are worn, whose sword is dull, whose feet drag, & whose mind drifts? Well, it's no other than a skeleton named Randy. Why is Randy the way he is? Well, Randy doesn't even remember his real name let alone why he is a walking corpse. When asked he'll reply with he pissed off a witch, stole a sacred artifact, or pissed on an idol if he even answers. If you manage to find this wandering corpse & have a few hours to spare you may hear some stories of events known or lost.


Starting Weapons (If Any): A rusty sword.

Starting Items (If Any): A pocket watch.

Starting Currency (If Any): N/A

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