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Reice Silverwood (Although I need to change it to Sylverwood)

Wood Elf sub-race "Sylver Elf" hunter that decided he wanted to see more of the world. Earned some money by putting his hunting skills to use, and charming discounts out of merchants & ferry owners in order to purchase his way across multiple trade routes and end up somewhere relatively random. Born and raised in the forest, his travels have caused him to encounter many new peoples, cultures and races. His vague excuse to his peole was that he'd try to search signs of his clan's goddess in other parts of the world to create holy sites, but largely he just wanted to explore and go adventuring before he needed to take on any permanent responsibilities in his clan. Despite this, he is still a relatively religious figure, and will react differently to some of the different races based on the often archaic teachings of his clan.

What do you want for your character?
-Permission to port some slightly extensive religious and cultural lore from a different setting that I wrote. It's from my own fantasy setting, but it sees little to no use in roleplay or story making, so I enjoy porting it to new settings so it can actually be made use of.
-A bow, perhaps of medium quality.
-A 'short' blade.
-Leather Armour(?)
-Some extra stats that I can spread and allow a more 'even' natural spread for a skilled hunter. The current system forces me to 'dump' one or two stats in order to make any noticeable difference in rolling, and as such my Elven hunter is functionally ineffective at everything, with only the barest grasp on using a bow or being dexterous.

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?
Normally I play 'passive' characters, but for once I'd like to play something a little more active. I was thinking a hunting/ranged character who tracks down and acquires animal-based ingredients for crafters. Perhaps dabble in some leather-working and/or bow-making, I'm not sure yet. This is mostly a revival of a character archetype I haven't played in years.
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