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OOC Information
Name: Atomic Chicken
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86447267
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Discord Tag: Atomic Chicken#1850
Is this character a transfer?: No
If so, from which community?: N/A
If so, are you applying for anything more than what you had on your original community?: N/A

Character Information

Full Name: Samuel Tarquin
Age: 24
National Origin: North America
Languages spoken other than Japanese or English: N/A
At what age did they leave their nation of birth, if applicable?: 24
Is your character natural, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic?: Natural
Is your character a clone, or clonable?: N/A
Has your character transferred brains, or possessing a cyberized brain?: N/A

Application Specifics

Are you transferring augmentations from another community?: N/A
Proposed augmentations by part and tier, to be authorized(You can use a description of the "tier" of the augmentation, too!): Designer D-Grade Right Arm (not needed)
Are you transferring items, from another community?: N/A
Proposed items, to be authorized: N/A
Are you transferring currency, from another community?: N/A
Proposed amount of currency, to be authorized (can also be a ballpark estimate, such as poor, slightly wealthy, very wealthy, etc.): Slightly Wealthy on the account of being a corpo.
Are you transferring weaponry, from another community?: N/A
proposed weapons, to be authorized (Can be a description of weaponry): Concealable Handgun
Are you transferring permits, from another community?: N/A
Proposed permits, to be authorized: Firearms & Armor salesmen permit, Small Arms/Handgun permit for his concealable handgun

Backstory (Optional)
Feel free to provide a quick backstory, about your character, to introduce them to the setting:
Samuel Tarquin was born in 2063 to a pair of wealthy parents in the balkanized states of America. Due to his parent's wealth, Sam and his 5 other siblings were able to be sent to some pretty prestigious schools. After he graduated from school Sam enrolled in college at the age of 19 to become an actor, this didn't last long since he dropped out two years later saying something along the lines of the college was a waste of his time. Sam would then pursue a career in acting that would ultimately lead him to become homeless, so he crawled to his parents for help and in return, they would pull some strings and got him a job as a salesman for the Knight Protection corporation. During his time working for Knight Protection, he managed to bring in some considerable sales and managed to make some personal enemies. Samuel managed to piss off just enough people that his parents managed to get him relocated to Knight's new Hong Kong division.
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