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Character Name: Qatim

Character Race: Darkened Scintillant

Character Age:

Character Role/Job (If Any):
Nomadic Tribal

Passive Racial Characteristics: Interested in learning complex things when able.

Passive Racial Abilities: Has a better natural aptitude towards darker magic, if they took to it.

Other Character Abilities: Born and raised in the desert, the character knows quite a lot about surviving in it.

Character Backstory (OPTIONAL): Created some long time ago, Quatim was composed on the death of one of the tribe's members - a great hunter - as a replacement, the group's energy split to build a new child. Small, adaptive, and very communal - Quatim was apart of one of many tribes of Juria. Traditionally nomadic, Quatim and their group had never stayed in one place for too long, travelling from one desert to another with the seasons and when it was required. Along the way, they've taught and learned many things about the strange lands; the different types of deserts, the many animals inhabiting them, and sometimes even people. Their group could have been considered to be apart of the hostile category, seeing as they weren't too welcome to outsiders, and at times also engaged with Kosnian patrols that got too close for comfort. One of these times proved to be their last, as, during an ambush against a Kingdom caravan, they got technologically outgunned. Quatim managed to escape with another, but they were sadly injured beyond repair. As not to slow anyone down, and raise the chances of escape, their friend transferred the last of their energy to Quatim - thus sacrificing themselves by doing so. Now on the run, Quatim travels Arizadoria in search of a new purpose.


Starting Weapons (If Any):
Recurved bow made of wood with a leather quiver full of about 30 arrows of different types, from notched points to bifurcated. A simple sling tied around the waist with a small baggie full of pebbles for throwing. Four light assegai tied together by a rope on their back with an atlatl to accompany it. A longer and thicker az-zaġāyah, adorned with feathers and other ritualistic tidbits that was used as the primary weapon - basically a spear. Seeing as the species had no need to hunt or gather for themselves, most of these were made for self-defense against the numerous creatures that live amongst the Scintillant.

Starting Items (If Any): Seeing they had no requirement for food or water, the nomad only carries with them an urn tied around their shoulder that was full of sand in the case they ever needed it. Other than that, they processed a long arsenal of strange items. Bag full of animal teeth, a piece of desert twine covered in needles from a cactus, and many other items that only bear meaning and purpose to the mysterious group.

Starting Currency (If Any): A bag full of 28 small creature's teeth, a row of 12 teeth of a much larger creature and 2 tusks of a very formidable - and expensive monster.


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Accepted. I'll make sure to create some of these as quest items for you. I think we've got bow-and-arrow SWEP, and I'll see what's up with the melee weapons.

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