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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42115159

Discord Name: Verminlord

Character Name: 'Sharog'

Backstory (Keep this very brief): A big, lumbering idiot of an orcess, to put it simply. She's large and freakishly strong for an orc, but wasn't exactly gifted with smarts. A brute and a lazy savage, nowadays, she just spends her time selling off her brawn for mercenary or guarding work. A simple, violent life - one she's all too comfortable with.

What do you want for your character: A large, two-handed axe. A small, one-handed axe. And, here's the big one: a small cannon she's managed to tear off from somewhere. And the means to re-fire it. Namely a couple of small cannonballs and gunpowder.

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?: Not really. Also, a cannon might seem like a big thing, but... Single-shot in combat, and it's hand-held. Not the most comfortable to fire, or very accurate, unless close. But the orc is very stubborn, and thinks it's cool, so it's worth it for her.

Other than that, no real plans. Just a big strong fuckoff orcess who's not the brightest.
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