Simon Buckington (Time for this server's iteration of him)


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54765555

Discord Name: Goatmachine5000#4841

Character Name: Simon Buckington

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story): Born with a town of Lindow, Simon lived a poor life with his family, barely being able to feed themselves through the years. Although he was born with one blessing to help his family, yet it was also a curse.
He was born with a natural ability to cast dark magic. His parents discovering this a few years after his birth realised the value this could have for their family as well as the danger it could bring thus warning their son to be careful about revealing it to others. Simon then began using his ability for magic to help him commit crimes to assist his family, having been encouraged to do this by his parents. Due to his lack of teachings the most he could do was a couple tricks that could help him in a sticky situation but not more. Over the years he grew more adept at using the little dark magic he could figure out for himself and making him renowned within the underbelly of his town before he heard about the town of Spruceton and Rose Kaineite. He decided to set out for Spruceton hoping to get his hands on some Rose Kaineite believing that if he could he may finally take his next step to improving his magic and becoming a true overlord of the underworld back home, stabilising the situation of his family by doing this, damned be to those who may try to stop him.

What do you want for your character: Equipment wise I would like him to have a steel dagger and some steel/iron tipped boots to improve his kicking power. Other than that he would don normal clothes. I would also appreciate a proficiency in pocket picking due to the history of Simon being an urchin.

Magic wise I would like to propose the spells he may have been able to learn himself that would have minute effects to act as supports to himself

Blink: A spell which causes the shadows cast by one's brow to thicken causing a second of blindness for the victim before it dissipates, almost like an extend blink.

Trip: Shadows of a person's feet will suddenly become solid and go taught, attempting to obstruct the victim and causing them to fall. Although this is very weak and will not work against individuals who have trained their strength, at most only slowing those individuals down or doing nothing at all.

Hook: The user's shadow can be cast out from their hand, forming into a hook attached to a fishing line leading back to the user, this can be used to slip items out of a target's pocket assisting in the user's attempts at pocket picking or in combat being capable of pulling an opponents' weapon to one side to leave a gap open to another attack.

Why should you get what you want:
I would like these things as the idea of using magic as a support to hand to hand fighting is a fun idea I feel which is usually not properly explored or is down so in a relatively plain manner, such as casting magic to simply enchant a weapon or strengthens ones body which still leads to a straight forward fight really. I think by giving me spells such as these the effects will be greatly reduced in combat leading to more slippery and cunning fighting needing to be employed to effectively use these skills which may not be effective against people of certain statures or abilities as they could be easily overpowered or countered. Such as trip and hook simply being ignored by a person's brute strength or blink being negated by someone casting a light spell to dissipate any shadows before hand or in the heat of the moment to cut the blindness even shorter than a second, if that would be possible for the user to do although a second is very fast. I would simply request that I be assisted in balancing these spells by having the limits listed clearly, such as the strength required to break through trip and hook to negate their effects. I do not wish to be unfair by stating these myself as I could be easily biased.


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Just for clarification, I had an idea on how to solve the "Strength required to negate" issue. Mayhaps have it if their strength matches my magicka then the effect doesn't trip them but makes them stumble and slow down. If their strength is double or higher than my magicka then the magic has 0 effect on them.

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