SIN Event Cordinator Application

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OOC Name: BluDevil

Discord Name: BluDevil

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26924978

Position Desirer (Event Coordinator / Admin): Event Coordinator

Are you currently staffing any other projects? If yes, which one? (Note: This doesn't necessarily disqualify you.): No

What can you bring to Chromed Out, if you were staff?: I would bring to bear my several years experiences as a DM for Table Top Role playing games (Dungeons and Dragon, Shadow run, Cyberpunk 2020, Star finder) As well as my experiences from Clockwork and Nut script based RP servers (Honestly I have played so many I have forgotten the names of most of them, I would need to have my memory jogged to remember)

Do you have anything planned, that you'd like to do, if you were staff?: I have a story Arc following a strings of events that ends in a grand pay off at the end, and I will admit. I am not merciful if one dose not pay attention and Cross their T's or Dot their I's then they can expect to fail. Those who join the events I have planed will need to prepare and plan, and there will be no free lunch. If I could do it as SIN then anyone can.

About how much of your time on a daily or weekly basis can you dedicate to this project?: I get up everyday at 8 or 10 AM and play until 4 or 6 in the morning. I think I play somewhere around 16 hours a day if my math is correct and I have been for the last week or so. But as for how much time I can dedicate, I have collage coming up so we will see, but I have a feel I will have most days off.

Hours in Garry's Mod: IT'S OVER 9000! (8,975 and counting)

Years in Garry's Mod RP: 5

Pertinent Experience: 9

Level of understanding of Lua: None, but I understand what the error messages mean.

Do you know the Evolve administrative suite?: Nope

Do you know how to work with the Respite-based NS 1.1-beta commands?: No, but I did at one point own my own nutscript server so I understand basic commands but none of the Respite based commands.
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