Svyatoslav of Bissan

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Character Name: Svyatoslav of Bissan

Backstory: Born near the heart of Vevaria, amidst artistocracy and nobility, Svyatoslav started his life with a silver spoon in his mouth. His clan surfaced as any kind of significant power amongst other nobles during the 'First Harvest', where a significant amount of members of his house sailed along one of the Emperor's sons - Although not many survived the initial infighting, some did, and within those few were Svyatoslav's parents, whom settled down in the capitol of newly established kingdom. Being the firstborn of his family, he was always held a priority by his parents - He was spoiled with treats and toys, which led to him becoming an insufferable brat in his earlier years, and a unempathic fool later down the road. He was provided with the best teachers and professors his parents could muster, and at the age of fourteen, he mastered reading, writing and basic maths, along with elements of caligraphy and astronomy. His father was the one that taught him how to fight, which then proved useful during the 'War of Fools'. During this conflict his family treasury multiplied tremendously, as they sold armaments to all sides involved, pulling their interests and resources away when they noticed a decline in motivation to fight from soldiers of all nations. This allowed for their properties to expand, as well, as their family - Svyatoslav's little brother was born, although, his mother did not survive the birth. Herbert, as that was the youngest's name, was now under care of Svyatoslav, as his father grew distanced and disinterested in the real world, soon following his wife's footsteps by ending his own life. Many years have passed since then, Herbert left the house once he's reached the age of maturity, while the Man of the House spent most of his family's gold on wine and whores. He lived like that for years, growing more and more unsatisfied with his life with each winter passing. This changed but a few months ago, where he abandoned his estate, taking a portion of his fortune, a sabre that was passed down his dynasty and left, directing his gaze to Lindow. He walked forth, seeking thrill and fame.

What do you want for your character: Old family sabre nicknamed "The Rat", a sum of gold, title of an 'Inheritor of Bissan', splint armour

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?: I'll probably try to mess around with local politics
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