'The Blacksmith' Application


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Steam Name: TheDoc16

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59453042

Discord Name: TheDoc #8537

Character Name: Markus Starforger. Usually prefers to be called 'The Blacksmith'

Species/Droid Class and Model: Human

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 32

Skills, Equipment, Other Items:

Skills: High skill at the forging and repair of melee weapons, firearms and armor of multiple types such as Mandolorian Armor. He appears to hold little other skill except in combat where he is known to use melee weaponry such as his forging hammer, but also firearms affiliated to close range such as scatterguns and blaster shotguns.

Equipment: Custom Durasteel armor set, specialized blacksmithing tools including a forging hammer for armor weaving, weapon crafting and forging (does not include materials for crafting), custom built blaster shotgun.

Backstory (not required, but encouraged) :

It is perhaps strange that when one refers to the one known as Markus Starforger they are referring to a man that holds little to no ancestors that had ever been put into contact with anything outside of Tatooine. His parents were no different, his family spun several generations of armor weavers and forgers of durasteel among other materials, but none of them ever managed to create anything worth praise or legend let alone the techniques required to create custom made blasters at least from what he would tell you. The reality is that his family was a long line of blacksmiths with their origins placed all the way back to the Old Republic but it is unknown if they either heiled from Mandalore or Coruscant, it is no wonder then that his family may have learned or stolen techniques fit for the greater forgemasters within Mandalore. However, through the years they had covered their secrets in order to keep the line safe and it cost them their craft which slowly dwindled into the face of near-mediocrity.

It is here when Markus is born, within the atmosphere of Tatooine, he learned to survive through the only craft that his heritage would allow. Yet, he never was sated with the simple armor weaving that barely managed to get him and his parents by whenever a bandit or a group of pirates came in order to find cheap forms of protection. Instead, he tampered with genuine armor forging and weapon crafting with what little resources he had that he could spare for his own survival. He reached puberty, molding armor and punting with a small hammer to give it somehwat of a resemblance to a shape. Yet, within Hutt space, the skills that this teenage boy had were something that many criminals and high game desired, what better ways to make profit then by dealing with both the weapons to kill someone and the armor that would prevent someone from killing you. Luckily or unluckily, he received protection by the interests of Jabba the Hutt's criminal empire, which put him within scoping range of other rival organizations.

As he reached adulthood during the Clone Wars, demand grew high and his skills were no longer enough to keep up with the needs of his forgery. Markus grew afraid to be replaced and ditched like dirt, so he grew desperate in order to keep the Starforger line alive. Fortunately, as he seeked answers from his home he found the secrets that his family had held, lost for ages. No one knows exactly where those secrets were located, and Markus would likely never reveal anything to anyone. Whatever it was that he discovered, he realized that these were not meant to be put within the wrong hands.

He vanished off any radars as best he could, using whatever time he could buy to hone the secrets that he had learned, his forging mastery grew within that isolation and he grew more cold and distant. Markus now referred to himself as 'The Blacksmith' from then on. He believed that he became one of the best artisans available, but he has run out of resources.

Perhaps it is time to put those newly learned skills of his to good use.
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