The Christian Republic of Brazil, 2087

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The Christian Republic of Brazil

The Christian republic of Brazil is easily one of the stranger places on Earth, in the year 2087. Largely comprising of the boisterous leader and his clergymen, the entire bounds of the country hold an extremely simple premise - creation of the 5th largest economy comprised solely through fraud.

TCRB is where your stolen credit card goes to die. The current president is propped up solely through the mega churches. Some members and supporters of the party have remained ludditical purely as a means of following their faith.

With massive automated, AI-driven datafarms whose sole purpose on this planet is to victimize totally random individuals across the SprawlNET, Brazil manages to somehow drag in unthinkably large heaps of worldwide fiat-digital, fiat-classic, and cryptocurrency every single year.

Living and dealing with the society Brazil in the year 2087, is akin to either playing life on the hardest difficulty, or is where you go when you prestige.

Every single attempt at managing a business deal is a cut-throat process. The endless waves of raw fraudulent currency coursing through the veins of Brazil’s economy have immediately led to precisely what you’d expect: over-militarization and a rather pious form of warlordism.

Critics have hailed it as the purest form of modernized feudalism existing, and completely propped up on the backs of not only unthinkably large amounts of electronic fraud, but also a fraudulent leader who seems to be completely fine with how things are running, much like his constituents, which comprise the ultra-wealthy.

Supporters have hailed it as the greatest social experiment to ever take place. Brazil itself is used as the most common travel spot for the type of individuals that are completely at home in the Great Kingdom of Britannia.
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