The Mimarians


Steam Username: BluDevil

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26924978

Discord Tag: BluDevil

Name of Character: Sigma-626

Name of Character Race: Mimarian

Character Homeworld: N/A; Was born aboard a smuggling vessel know as "The Runner"

Description of Race (If Custom): Androgynous Humanoid creatures with alabaster waxy skin, pupil-less Black eyes, Small horn like protrusions on head, and elongated pointy ears, standing around Six feet tall on average. With minimal facial features, lacking a notable nose and mouth, and lacking lips.

Capabilities of Race (If Custom):

Doppelganger: The Ability to shift and reform into other humanoids; The race is able to reform into any Humanoid they have a blood sample for and mimic any voice they have heard a minute or more of. However, just because they look like someone doesn't mean they gain the abilities related to that copy (Mimarian changes into a telepathic race, they look and sound like that race, but lack the telepathy.) This change is replicated down to the very DNA of the creature. And they are only able to remember three different humanoid profiles at a time, when a new one is acquired, the oldest is forgotten. (And no, they don't create clothing during this process, so a Mimarian is going to have to gather clothing to complete the disguise)
Mimarians are capable of forming their own disguises, but without a solid DNA structure to replicate, any damage sustained will break the disguise and revert them to their natural state, also the disguise is always off, with certian details being mismatched or out of proportions (Nose slightly too big, head Slightly too small, voice just a little bit off. ECT)

Natural Weapons: Able to form sharp blades, claws and teeth as a defensive mechanism, these defensive mechanisms are evolutionary hold overs and are made of the sturdier parts of bone (x4 Times as strong as concrete)

Darkvision: Their in their eyes are specialized to be able to see and adjust to all lighting conditions, thus rendering them able to in even total darkness. This trait is carried over even while in a duplicate form.

Body Snatcher: If a humanoid body is adsorbed in it's entirety, the Mimarian gains the residual memories of the humanoid they absorbed. Only capable to gather important details and minimal life experiences, just enough to maintain the disguise for long periods of time.


Short life span: The creature's triple helix DNA allows for fast gestation and it's unique abilities, but due to the complexity in this, they have a short life span, with the oldest know Mimar living to the age of Thirty Five (Human Years).
Vulnerability to fire: Fires burns a Mimarian like a match to a stick of butter, contact with open flame for longer then two seconds, will melt the creatures flesh off and cause critical wounds.

High Caloric intake: A Mimarian must consume Three Thousand Calories daily when at rest, and Four Thousand when actively working and under exertion, the reason for this is their shifting abilities are like a stretching and working out muscles in one's body in order to maintain the disguise, not to mention their complex DNA also adds additional intake in order to replicate and replace old DNA. The Subject doesn't not consume and digest but rather absorb and assimilate the mass into it's own body, the larger the mass, the longer this process takes. Likewise it is a waste-less process, so they don't need to excrete waste products.

Parasitic Reproduction: These creatures are fully unable to breed with their own kind, like wise they must seek out a humanoid host/donor in order to multiply, A Mimarian is capable of reproduction as both a male and a female of a respected humanoid race, but the resulting spawn will always be Mimarian. The Process can render a host infertile and a donor sterile after the process, this is due to the vast quantities of DNA required to kick start the gestation. The Spawn is birthed looking and sounding like a member of the host/donor, The Spawn is granted residual memories of his Mimarian parent, as to keep it's true identity secret. Mimarians are always born is pairs of two and sometimes three.

Systematic Extermination: Due to their gift of Duplicity, and their predisposition to possibly render a entire spices sterile and over run given a enough time. The Humans have taken on themselves to enact a Systematic Extermination of the Mimarians, as a means for politicians to have leverage when it comes to stripping away basic human rights, and as well as research and creation of new drugs that are able to cure such things as AIDS and Cancer

Race Homeworld (If Custom): Mimar (Supposedly)

Other race lore (If Custom): The Mimarians are a culture-less race, with their origins lost to even the Mimarians, Scientists where only able to find the supposed home world of the Mimarians by means of genetic tracers found by chance and vivisection of several of their species. Due to the Mimarians being able to replicate the looks and appearances and as well as render a species sterile given enough generations and due to their unique DNA structure that can be used to create medicines that can cure disease such as AIDS and Cancer. The Humans have enacted a law of extermination and harvesting of the Mimarians, out of fear and need for political scapegoats to excuse invasions of privacy and stripping of basic human rights. Likewise, Mimarians as a whole have a high bounty on their heads with it being doubled if captured alive.

Would you like your race/civilization/homeworld added to the InfiniDex, for further exploration/events centered around it? Yes, I would love to have this race listed on the InfiniDex and used in events, I think having a Body snatcher type event would be very interesting.

(Applicant's Note: I can rework and tweek the race to have it be more balanced or fit better into lore, please contact me and speak to me about it before flat out denying)


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