The Mission Statement of Community85, And Our Points of Unity


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Community85's Mission Statement

The mission of Community85, is somewhat simple, and a rather ambitious undertaking. We strive to develop a community, that not only functions as it's own roleplaying community, but a centralized hub, for all roleplayers, developers, and server owners that wish to undertake the same objective, as us: to unify as many RP communities as possible, and assist one another in creation, upkeep, and development of current, and new roleplaying features, maps, models, servers, plugins, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of RP development.

Not only do we wish to focus on developing RP servers, we would also like to teach everyone within our reach, to become a proficient, multi-faceted roleplay developer. So that being said, we focus on educating everyone around us, from Community85 outwards, on technology such as Lua fundamentals, Lua for Garry's Mod, Hammer for mapping, Blender for Modelling, PAC for further modelling, and Source SDK for learning how the source engine functions.

Due to the ability for Community85 to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars in funding purely through a grassroots organization of a major donor base, and thanks to the willingness of our supporters, we have been able to complete one of the first steps towards helping everyone within our reach become a developer: paying existing developers a large sum of money, in order to have them teach specific members of our community, so that those specific members may in turn, teach other members of our community, for no cost, whatsoever.

Community85 will focus on generally, doing the right thing by a large amount of roleplayers, conduct positive, kind, and charitable public-relations, and focus on providing education and resources to those who support and believe in us, with absolutely no cost, to those individuals.

Because of our lack of belief in the typical hierarchy of how communities have been run in the past, we function completely on a format of equality, and direct democracy. We hold votes for the entire community to partake in, to decide, or "steer" our community, and our undertakings, in the direction that our supporters and user base wish to go.

We believe that no community should have to remain wholly dependent on a single, or small group of developers. We believe in honesty, and transparency, and we have seen in the past, that putting all of your eggs in a single basket, is something that can cause a major issue, because of the natural ability for the usual type of RP community to become engulfed in drama, and disagreements. Because of this, we believe that every member who is capable, or wishes to learn how to develop content for roleplaying, SHOULD learn to develop content for roleplaying. We believe in servers that are a product of the entire community, not simply the developers, or the administration.

We believe in providing resources for free, with no required sum of money to ever be put forward. We gladly accept funding from a variety of sources, but it is never expected. Because of this, we actively work with a series of hosts, whom have given us life-time discounts, and have been able to provide server space for those who wish to work with us, for absolutely no cost. The development work that people from Community85 do elsewhere, is performed for no cost, and is a labor for the people who wish to roleplay.

The motto of Community85, displayed in the banners of all of our services, is "For The People, Everything."

Via this motto, we fully intend to establish a massive Union of Communities, by which we work through the process of affiliation. Within Community85, we have assembled our own RP servers, and our own playerbase, for the servers, that we produce. We realize that as time goes on, other people wish to take a crack at creating their own servers. We fully intend to support those that wish to create servers, and intend to actively help these people develop and maintain their servers, as well as hosting their community on our own servers, for no charge, and hosting their forums through the Community85 XenForo, for no charge.

Those groups of developers, server owners, and administration that actively support Community85, and take part in our Community85 discord, we consider to be "unionized," alongside us. Within this unionization, we actively provide unfettered access to all resources that we have, which includes the ability for our own developers to teach one another, assist one another, and document their work together, in order for the purpose of writing guides.

Guide-writing is a major point of unity, for Community85. As we work with other communities within the Union, we document all of our work, and actively compiled easy to read, easy to process, and illustrated guides, that can be used to support other developers in their journey to become proficient.

Our Major Points of Unity

We are a community of compassion. We take care to remember that anyone we interact with, is a human, with human feelings, and may or may not have their own personal character flaws.

We seek to affiliate with other communities, on the concepts of solidarity, and mutual aid.

We seek to create a uniform method of educating all other developers that wish to work with us, and provide assistance for as long as they remain within our union of affiliates.

We strive to spread the concept of being self-reliant, to any and all affiliates.

We stand up and defend our friends/affiliates, through our prolonged loyalty to them, against any other people or parties that would wish them harm.

We believe in solving problems through diplomacy, not drama.

We denounce the concept of a "circlejerk," and will always remain to be a non-exclusive organization.

We believe the privacy of our players comes first over all, on the server, and in our communities.

We believe in freedom of expression, and do not tolerate those that wish to criticize or harass any player or user on the basis of how they RP, what they RP, or how they wish to represent themselves.

In our journey to build an inclusive space for all roleplayers, we are explicitly and non-politically anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-transphobic. We do this for the good of RP, and out of kindness. Nothing else.

We do not take an iron-fist approach to how we handle bans. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any and all bans can be reversed, simply through the process of mature, calm communication, and mutual understanding.

We denounce any and all individuals or groups that wish to bring harm to other individuals or groups, by spreading drama, rumors, or invasion of privacy.

We believe in fair exchanges of labor, to include fair compensation, and a relaxed, caring working environment, that puts the worker first, whenever we partake in providing paid jobs, for developers.

In Conclusion

Community85 serves as a central hub, and social network, for roleplayers, roleplay developers, content creators, and server owners, that takes care to put the people first, and remain to be a compassionate, inclusive space, that functions on the concepts of solidarity, and mutual aid. Our first and foremost goal is to help create a new generation of roleplay content creators, that treat others with respect, that wish to spread the concepts of compassionate community running, to the rest of our platform. We believe in unity first, and supporting those that use their current platform, and reach, for good. We stand united against those that actively abuse others, or create spaces of toxic, and exclusive behavior.

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