The Pacific States of Cascadia

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The Pacific States of Cascadia


Q: Where am I, on this map?

You're currently located on the dot that is marked as PACIFICA-2, where San Francisco once was.


Zone 1: Used to be Nevada. A massive detention facility, as well as a server and data farm. Most logistics of the country are automatically handled here - but not at the governmental decision level. It holds the Z1DF, a huge detention facility, split into two parts. It also holds Wendover Checkpoint - the only immigration facility on land for those moving in or out of the country.

Zone 2: Used to be California. This is a special economic zone. Now, it's home to anyone ranging from the too rich to die, and those too poor to live. It's UrbSprawl is called PACIFICA-2, which was on San Francisco.

Zone 3: Used to Oregon. Usually, wealthier industrialists, artists, the famous live here. SLABTOWN-3 is the UrbSprawl, which used to be Portland.

Zone 4: Where the richest of the rich live. So rich, chances are you've never heard of them. Not many celebrities here, this is where a lot of the leaders of many MegaCorps work, and live. It's UrbSprawl is called EMERALD-4, which was once Seattle.

The Shard: A massive, automated tower-city. People who are usually extremely important to national interest live here, along with their families. Heavily protected - it's the Ivory Tower that everyone knows. Used to be Palo Alto.

CasROOT: A massive, automated, FedTech-run city, which was once Los Angeles. This is where all of the governmental decisions are made, by The Triumvirate.​
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