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The Scintillants, or typically simply called, 'Scintillants,' are a mysterious, enigmatic, but sapient and sentient race of creatures that are indigenous to only The Island of Juria, with no currently discovered locations within the world where they may otherwise exist.

The name of The Scintillants comes from the terms "Scintillate," "Scintillated," "Scintillating," or "Scintillation," the definition of which means: "To emit a bright sparkle, or great flash of light."

Scintillants may appear as up-right, bipedal creatures, or sometimes quadrupedal creatures. They have been known to be able to speak, and communicate, intelligently, in a multitude of languages, with the most common one being Arizardorian. Other studies have shown that Scintillants have been able to speak English, as well as Human languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, and Afrikaans. Extended periods of time in which people were able to co-exist alongside Scintillants within Arizadoria, have shown that they are as capable of integrating into most societies, as other races are - though are commonly known to exist either in small, nomadic communities, or simply by themselves.

Scintillants have been known to take on many different forms, again, either bipedal or quadrupedal, but generally seem to be formed from a combination of common materials found within the desert - sand, rock or stone, wood, metal, glass, and sometimes cactus flesh. Extended studies of Scintillants have shown that they do not eat, have no stomach, and seemingly no internal organs - and for the most part are whatever materials they are made out of, through and through. They tend to exude heat, as well as light - the intensity of these two qualities seem to have no real rhyme or reason to them.

The strength capabilities of Scintillants when faced with a task that may require it, such as combat, or more utilitarian reasons, tends to strengthen in the sunlight, and weaken in the absence of it - though it seems that they are "powered" by a combination of magical energy, or mana, and UV rays - generally solar-powered.

Hostile Scintillants have been encountered in Arizadoria - though generally less times than encountering either neutral, or friendly ones. Time has proven that they have been able to actively hold their own against hostile monsters, or Konisians, and other attackers, time and time again, by employing the use of desert-style guerrilla warfare tactics.

Scintillants have shown the direct ability to wear clothing, armor, and other worn equipment, as well as properly use tools, for all sorts of uses, given that they have been taught how. In any given situation, they will largely, for the most part, try to wear clothing, unless they have been found to be "tribal."

The ability for Scintillants to form intelligent, meaningful, emotional bonds has been proven throughout numerous explorations and documented studies, with races of generally all types, given that they are from a friendly group - hostility towards Konisians almost seems to be known between just about any group of discovered Scintillants, regardless of whether they were encountered before, or not, and will generally either run away, or attempt to fight intelligently, given their overall situation.

In terms of Scintillants who are able to effectively communicate with other races, it has been proven that they seem to follow a "gendered" style of living, based on how they "appear." Feminine-presenting Scintillants will commonly take on social roles that are known to be commonly filled by females - and the same with males. It has been noted, however, that Scintillants can, and will change or modify whether they present as feminine or masculine, if they so feel the need to, or wish to do so of their own volition. There are no known reproductive abilities of Scintillants, as they simply seem to "form" from concentrations of magic energy, within intense periods of sunlight, or lack of sunlight. In past studies, it has been shown that Scintillants who can effectively communicate with other races are able to carry on romantic relationships, with those races, with typically one partner, or multiple, depending on the Scintillant in question.

In certain instances, Scintillants expressing affection towards another individual or either their own, or a different race, have become irate, even hostile, and dangerous when 'betrayed,' according to their own perception, by a romantic partner - going to the extent of murder, and sometimes suicide, in response, much similar to humans, and other races.

Scintillants have been shown to typically come in three different "sub-types." There have been "Illuminated" Scintillants, "Darkened" Scintillants, and "Biluminous" Scintillants. No known relation between these sub-types, and their general demeanor towards other individuals, specifically non-Scintillants has been found, or noticed.

Illuminated Scintillants typically have been shown to have a more out-going personality. These have been known to generally organize into small communities, seem to emit light in their presence, as well as heat - to the touch, and within their immediate area. Illuminated Scintillants typically have been shown to have a greater aptitude for Illuminated magic, or "The Illumination," as well as general strength in combat, and have been known to usually attempt to master close-quarters, and striking combat, as well as employ the use of shields.

Darkened Scintillants tend to be far more reserved. It's more often that one will encounter singular, lone Darkened Scintillants, although they have, at times, known to organize into very small communities, often no more than 5 or 6. They do not emit any further light, and seem to be cold to the touch, and emit a cold feeling, within their immediate area. They've shown a greater aptitude for darkened magic, or "The Darkness," and tend to favor ranged weaponry, and firearms. Darkened Scintillants have not been known as the most keen builders, and tend to show their skill-sets in the form of learning intricate or complex technical work, such as engineering, or firearms repair and modification.

Biluminous Scintillants have proven to be largely, for the most part, a wildcard within Arizadoria. Displaying no real aptitude for anything other than whatever each singular Biluminous Scintillant has taken interest in, these types of Scintillants have been typically known to be socializers, or concerned with the arts, and creative endeavors, as opposed to anything tangible, such as Illuminated and Darkened Scintillants. They have been known to not be particularly strong, or adept in any specific forms of magic, be it The Illumination, or The Darkness. Because of this, Biluminous Scintillants have typically been known to integrate into small settlements of various races for a variety of entertainment purposes, or simply take up simplistic jobs, such as tending to taverns, or inns, or act as scribes for explorers that have come and gone.

An interesting and peculiar discovery in regards to The Scintillants was noted upon their initial discovery, by the classic explorer and biographer, 'Yantir.'

"At one point in our journey, we had attempted to create a courier airship, in order to deliver messages and packages between our groups, completely comprised of a crew of Scintillants of all types, with an Elf for a Captain, and a Half-Orc Human, for a navigator. Illuminated Scintillants to maintain the hull, and structural integrity of the airship, Darkened Scintillants to maintain the engines, and the other technical aspects of the airship, and two Biluminous Scintillants to generally handle logistics, such as preparing meals for the non-Scintillant Captain and Navigator, as well as keeping track of the maps, and fuel levels. We sent them off on a journey to Gloverwin Bank - a nearby beach city, on a separate island, to return with supplies, and introduce the new racial discovery to the rest of the world. It wasn't long after we sent them - maybe two nights, before the airship returned to The Landing, with only the Captain and Navigator left aboard. Upon passing roughly a mark of five kilometers at an elevation of around two-hundred fifty meters, it was reported that all Scintillants of all types on board, simply 'fell apart,' where they stood - a pile of whatever material they were comprised of left where they stood - and either an icy sheet upon the surface on which they stood, or a small, ember, scorching the surface where they were, depending on whether they were Illuminated or Darkened Scintillants. Prior to this occurrence - none of The Scintillants had expressed any knowledge that this would occur to them. So, it would seem that The Scintillants seem to be 'trapped,' to their native home."

'-Yantir's Final Letters, Pg. 57'
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