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Character Name: Ilna Audracan

Backstory (Keep this very brief):
Born to a small family in a backwater village, Ilna was one of the few in his community to be gifted with the ability to interact with the arcane, particularly light. Given the remote nature of the settlement, certain resources were harder to obtain, such as medicine.

To that end, Ilna had focused his time on developing his healing abilities, at first under the guidance of passing mages or from incomplete literature he happened to find, later on leaving his village to seek out more dedicated mentors and other avenues of gathering experience, netting himself an acceptable level of understanding in the process and ability to mend most battlefield injuries and common illnesses.

Augmenting his healing abilities was the man’s skill with a scalpel, Ilna having developed his technique around a combination of traditional, physical treatments mixed with arcane healing, reducing the cost upon his person when casting the spell. In order to utilize this combination to its fullest potential, Ilna had to undertake the study of humanoid species anatomy, be it through literature, during patient examination, or through less desirable, but more detailed, post-mortem assessments.

As a form of self-defense, Ilna had found a particular affinity to elemental magic, primarily electricity in the form of a taser like techniques, short range, paralyzing attacks, usually non-lethal. An iron dagger had also proven worthy enough to fend off the occasional thief. He is, however, a terrible melee fighter. If he is on the front line, or directly engaged by an enemy, it means someone is not doing their job.

What do you want for your character:
Plain robes - A set of comfortable, warm robes. At best, they might protect the wearer from a chilly breeze.

Iron dagger - A simple, iron dagger. Someone probably spammed it to level up their blacksmithing skill.

Light magic specialization (primarily healing) - Fairly adept in this category, he could potentially stabilize someone with a severed femoral artery. Anything more catastrophic than that and he will probably be easing the man's suffering instead.

Elemental magic (electricity) - The lightshow, while it may look impressive to a bystander, is usually enough to stun a humanoid target with a general strike and allow Ilna time to retreat. Combined with the anatomy knowledge, and a more focused attack, it can lead to the caster being able to temporarily deprive an opponent of the use of a limb.

Advanced humanoid species anatomy knowledge - Having studied both living patients and cadavers, he had gained valuable insight into the structure and function of humanoid species bodies, allowing him to expedite treatment, and if necessary, deliver surgical strikes upon his opponents.

Set of surgeon tools (scalpel, tweezers, bone saw, separators, cauterization rod) - A set of field surgery instruments. They look fairly old and worn, but well maintained and sterilized.

Medical supplies (gauze, sterile water, antiseptic solution, tourniquets, suturing kit) - They say it's not the wound that kills you, but the infection that comes after it. These supplies ensure the patient will get to boast about his scars later on at the tavern.

Flask of hard liquor - Somehow it feels like it's bigger on the inside...

Resistance to the effects of alcohol - Years of abusing alcohol on the road and at inns have turned Ilna into a seasoned drunkard, able to hold his drink better than most tavern dwellers

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:
Wandering healer, less combat oriented, moreso a support role during engagements.
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