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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55956015

Discord Name: Prezy#9181

Character Name: Robin Crowmwell

Backstory (Keep this very brief):

A somewhat scholar'd warlock smuggler from the north who brought stolen or evem illegal magical items to 'special' costumers which soon was his consiquence being turned into a tierfolk more specificaly into a tiny raven with an deer skull stuck on it's head.

What do you want for your character:

>I wish for this characters magicka to be buffed up including it's magical skill tree ( Arcane to 40 and 10 to dark )

(And yes I will be using DnD cantrips and spells and actual spells because they are epic and have the needed rules for it)


Since there is no INT score, I say I'd use constitution instead.

Spells that require slots or highter magicka focus to use;

Wisdom save is going to be replaced with Constitution.

Wisdom is gonna replaced with Constitution

>A black deer skull: Nothing special just a deer skull that is going be stuck on someones head forever, it reeks of magicka.
>A small leather belt, which seems to have a pouch strapped on it for stuff to carry, it looks entchanted to carry more then just a small codex or a crystal ball.
>Tarrot cards! special ones to tell someones future!
(https://bryangalera.com/tarot.php?c=ROwPwPyPutlzzzzp&e=magic) this site is going to be used for the tarrot card tellings

> Goods, stolen items or artifacts that are hard to get (only used for dealing)

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?:

I had planned to well sell smuggle wares to others, specifically cursed items that somewhat benifit them but also give them disadvantage at somepoint in their life/battle.

As a side job he does some mystic shit with tarrot cards to earn money
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ACCEPTED, but the magic skills are gonna be reduced to 25 for the sake of progression.
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