What is DesertPUNK?

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DesertPUNK, is the latest, and second Schema, created by Community85. It will run on NutScript 2.0, using a heavily modified version of Respite, as the base for the Schema.

People have described DesertPUNK generally, as very close to Kenshi, if you've ever played it. I personally have not - I decided to create this Schema purely out of my love for Western-Fantasy type things, such as the Wild ARMS franchise, on Playstation, and a little bit of familiar Final Fantasy settings.

DesertPUNK is a mixture of a few different "types" of settings. The major theme here are Deserts - unexplored territory, in a Wild West-type setting. The desert where the RP takes place, however, follows a mixture of the various cultures of Deserts from around the world - American Deserts, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African deserts. So in terms of how the cultural 'aesthetic' goes, deserts of all types are what I'm interested in, with this schema.

I say Wild-Western Fantasy, because for the most part, weaponry in terms of firearms, will be completely centric to the days of the Wild West, in America, such as "The Goldrush."

This means that firearms will meet the following criteria:
  • Nothing automatic.
  • Nothing semi-automatic.
  • Nothing with a detachable magazine.
  • Very few scoped weapons.
That being said, this means that firearms will pretty much always be lever-action, pump-action, bolt-action, or single-action. We're excluding any double-action handguns, primarily because those themselves, are semi-automatic. In terms of magazines, some weapons in said time period included internal magazines. They couldn't be detached - think rifles where you load a clip of cartridges in through the top of the weapon, the same with handguns, and lever-action rifles/carbines, and shotguns, that feature an integrated tube magazine - much in the way that modern-day pump-action shotguns work.

Due to the often cumbersome way that older weaponry functions - there's an emphasis on melee combat, as well, and there will be ample chances for swordplay.

Levels of technology vary, within the world of DesertPUNK. Some things may be primitive, but the mysterious inclusion or creation of things one would consider 'SteamPunk' are also a part of the universe, and setting.

Combat magic and spell-casting is able to be used here as well - though hard to master. Without revealing too many mysteries about DesertPUNK, the ability to use magic and mana in two forms of energy: The Illumination, and The Darkness happens primarily within Arizadoria, and is a major reason why the lands become attractive to explorers, and the neighboring Konisian Kingdom - a brutal, feudalistic society, that strives to force travelers, visitors, foreigners, and the indigenous population to bend to their will, and submit to their monarchy.

DesertPUNK in and of itself is focused around mysterious adventure. Most of the map is not revealed - generally showing only the standard, base land, rivers, and the borders between The Free Territory of Arizadoria, and The Konisian Kingdom. Your character arrives in Arizadoria by means and for reasons that are generally up to you. They either integrate into the strange way that Arizadoria functions, or they don't. Besides the indigenous population of Scintillants - individuals that are either bipedal humanoids, or quadrupedal creatures, all sapient, all sentient, language-speaking beings that are typically only comprised of materials found in the desert - the population is a diverse cast of humans, elves, orcs, halflings, dwarves, gnomes, and generally any other fantasy-setting races that exist - all in Arizadoria for their own reasons, all arriving by similar, or different means.

Generally speaking - you will have some sort of idea about what the island is, purely through reading lore. Elsewhere in the world, people speak of Arizadoria within The Island of Juria, though not much is known. The most that has been revealed to the rest of the world generally stands to be scattered, sometimes conflicting, recovered notes of explorers, or inhabitants, where not much has been heard from them, since.

In-game items that explain more about the mysterious world around you plays a big part in all of this. As player characters explore more of the land, they learn more about the world around them. They figure out how to integrate further into Arizadoria - learning new methods of magical control, or the handling of the two differentiating types of energy or mana - The Illumination, and The Darkness.

Our Schema features a rather well-built plugin, which changes a lot of the way NutScript would usually function in fantasy, magic-using environments. The ability to collect spells, spell books, use mana, and casting, with failure and success rates based on a simple, yet in-depth method of measuring how adept one is in the way that Illuminated and Darkened magic functions is key here - as magic not only functions on it's own, through abilities, but also has come to solidify itself as a common resource that affects the way items work, through the process of "Grafting" - which stands to be a sought-after skill that allows those who are skilled in it's practice "graft" different types of energy into objects, which changes the way that it functions, albeit a dangerous skill to attempt to learn.

This being our second project we're releasing, we're learning how to keep things simple and interesting, without bloating too much of the script, and server. DesertPUNK will maximize our ability to keep the content clean, organized, and as minimal as possible. The focus here is on *discovery,* with some survival aspects, as opposed to raw greed, and accumulation of wealth.

That being said, DesertPUNK will make use of crafting, cooking, and creation functionality. It will be imperative that within the communities of individuals, whomever they may be, that they work together to survive - making use of everyone's skills as much as possible, in a place where anything is possible, and time has little meaning.

So, welcome to Community85's DesertPUNK - we hope you enjoy your stay.
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