What Is Hive City Roleplay?


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Well, first of all, a Hive City is a huge self contained city. Home to quite literally millions of humans, whom are loyal to the Imperium Of Man.

The best way to picture a Hive is to imagine layers of blocks that all contain industrial and housing estates. The lower into the planet/city you go, the poorer and worse the conditions of the city there are. The higher up in the city you are, typically the richer, better off, and better looking the city is.

The lower levels consist of what is called the Underhive, inhabited by gangers, scum, and mutants. The Hives are made to create weapons and anything required for the war that the Imperium is currently undertaking against Xenos (Aliens) and Heretics (Anything opposed to the Emperor and the Imperium).

The best way to imagine hive city roleplay is to picture dark rp but with actual goals, no pointless bit coin miners and ooc that surrounds it. City life but life is hell and your survival rate is about, what? 15%? If you're lucky.

In hive you can be whatever you wish, strive and mold your ambitions, do you want to create law and order? Keep the peace? Enforcers sound like your job, basic grunt police work, after a long time, some elbow grease and skill shown you may become an Arbite. Whats an Arbite? A scary Judge Dredd looking person, who is essentially fear incarnate but also a detective.

Not your style? How about medical staff? A doctor, nurse. Want to make your own money? Why not a business owner? Purchase a building, buy and sell what you wish for as much as you wish.

You a dirty rascal? Why don't you mug and rob people for money? Traffick Illegalities across the city, make a gang?

In hive your imagination is really the end of your limit, we will always try out best to provide you with the perfect roleplay experience to the best of our ability.

We will constantly be adding new factions, resources, models, working on the roll combat and more.

If anyone has any questions please ask. We will be adding more and more to this sub forum soon.f86db67c23c81ce2dee02608fd201fc9.jpg

Keep us running!

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