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Character Name: Yaroslav Vsevolodovich

Brief Backstory: Yaroslav, born of royal blood in the northern eastern plains of Eurasia, sought to become a great warrior, and so began to fraternize with the knights of the realm at a young age. Yaroslav was not only gifted veins of royalty, but a physique unmatched by his peers, earning him fame and reverence. Enemies of the realm soon heard rumors of a great warrior being nurtured, fearing a tipping of the scales, decided to strike preemptively. The siege began when Yarsolav was of no age to fight the hardened veterans of the Golden Horde. However, his fame was strong enough to bend the morality of the commanders and so Yaroslav was granted a detachment of twenty knights to his name. Thus began the legendary fight, ending in bloodshed. Althought allies or enemies might overstate the fight, one thing was known - the holdings remained, and the Golden Horde backfooted, enough to promise peace until Yaroslav is fully groomed.
Yaroslav, now bearing the extravagant traits of a man, departed southbound in an effort to beat back a marauding gang. Surprisingly, there was no marauding gang but a calvary detachment of a much, much bigger Golden Horde army disguised in clothes stolen from their previous pillaging. Yaroslav, unable to retreat, initiated a fight between a thousand strong army, with only a village worth of militiamen, a handful of knights, ground and mounted archery. The first clash of two swords ringed out at early morning, signalling the start of a ferocious battle that lasted hours of end. Yaroslav was inevitably routed from the fight, but neither side claimed victory - Yaroslav's men were in high spirits, higher than their enemy, whose endless unresisted pillaging softened their eagerness. Ending the fight with both flanks being completely destroyed, with the main force barely standing, on the contrary, Yaroslav's flanks remaining strong throughout.
However, a stray arrow hit Yarsolav in the shoulder and rendered him unable to fight, and was taken into care by the soldiers, who reasoned that Yaroslav was the only thing standing between certain death and victory. Although, the process of a legend's birth was interrupted by a fatal mistake of Yaroslav's second hand, who led the army deep into Horde territory. Thus, Yaroslav's army was finally defeated on at the heel of the Caucasus. The men left behind to guard Yaroslav, knowing the battle was lost from the start, tied Yaroslav's body to a horse, stuffed his sheath full of cloth and send the horse northbound. The horse found it's way to Onoth, and there a band of Cumans took special interest...

What do you want for your character:
- A laced Lamellar cuirass with padded pauldrons, reinforced by a chainmail hauberk.
- A round casque with nasal guard, reinforced by a chainmail aventail up to the nasal guard.
- A rusted Sabre with the hilt misplaced. Fancy sheath included.
- Knowledge of medieval military tactics.

Why should you get what you want:
Part of a group of friends seeking to provide a decent portrayal of Cumanian mercenaries.

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