Zozz the loudmouth


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"Ifz yuz loud enuff yuz can scare enimies anz cheear frand orz do bothz butt yuz can alzo kick em if yuz wan"


Status Sheet


Weight: 46 pounds

Race: Goblin

Build: Ectomorph

Eye Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Physical Status: Alive

Mental Status: Irrational


Character Traits & Skills

Lute knowledge: Taking up the lute from his early days in life after taking it off a dead bard along the road Zozz learnt how to use it through watching musicians play the instrument and trying it himself he often prefers to play loud fast paced music that would be seen fit in a fight hyping up allies getting them into the frenzy he also uses it as a focus/catalyst for his spells putting magick into his music

Combative Theatrics: Being a entertainer Zozz also does some movement with his songs though due to his and the songs nature he combines the movement of his dances with the strength of his kick in combat thus when able to fight it isn't uncommon to see him spin,kick,twirl and do all sorts of other moves though the effectiveness of these techniques are highly questionable

Spell list: Healing,Fireball,Rapid fire (faster but weaker fireball),Strength buff: Songs of labour +5,Dexterity Buff: Run n scream +5



Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family

Abel-"hez help mez see out da oddaz eyez wit magickz on mez eyezpatch hez alzo teachin me how toz do wordz propa end hez smartz"
Black Rose-"Hez help mez when muttz try to bitez mez face off wit hez spear alzo goodz fighta end listenz to mez muzic end stuff godz goodz tazte in muzic"
Marr Ren-Spring-"Theyz help explainz thingz to mez sometimez and not get shankzed they alzo strongz tooz butz still no hittinz mez"​

Bad guy - Fuck you!
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